Water Scarcity for Sudan Student- Daniel iuliano- teacher- Mrs BlaCk

What is water scarcity?

Water scarcity is when there is not enough water left in there country and to poor to afford supplies

Factors causing water scarcity

Factors causing water scarcity is that there is not enough rainfall in there country, have to reli on dams and lakes which then causes up to diseases and dirty water

Focus question 1 is

The country is the poorest country in Africa so they can't bye water pipes and have water tanks they drink dirty water with bacteria in it from dams because they don't even get a lot of rainfall to.

Focus question 1, 2

In Sudan problems envolving the water is that oil spills could leak in there water system and garbage lying around would increase the rate of diseases in there water. Problems that affect people, environment and animals are that people and animals drink from the same water and could bring different diseases to the water causing mad illness and possibly death.

This is a map of Sudans precipitation and it's all about we're there is a lot of water and we're there isn't a lot of water in Sudan. It's also about we're there is more people and we're there is not a lot of people here, and it also shows we're there precipitation comes from in a year.

This is a graph of how much precipitation, humidity, sunshine and the temperature of how hot Sudan is.

Focus question 4

Sudan is trying to stop the impact of water scarcity by stop polluting all of there water so it is clean water and they won't get any diseases from drinking there're water and finally they are trying to get better water supplies by asking other nations to help them.

Flag of Sudan

Thanks for listening to my presentation cheers


Created with images by Oxfam East Africa - "Families in Kule Camp, Gambella have access to clean water" • Sustainable sanitation - "water source" • Oxfam East Africa - "Oxfam is providing clean water to over 100,000 South Sudanese refugees in Gambella, Ethiopia"

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