Hello! First off, thank you so much for checking out Cross Current! If you are receiving this email, it is more than likely because you have worshipped with us one Sunday since our launch and filled out a visitor's card. We wanted to take a moment to tell you how honored we are that you would want to worship with us. Also, please continue to prayerfully consider whether or not this is the place God has for you to grow in. We have a wonderful community of individuals who love Christ and desire to grow continually as a body of believers!

Consider this!

This is a very interesting time of year! As we look down the days until Easter, we often hear of those partaking in something that often goes unexplained, Lent. We at CrossCurrent are interested in leading a charge this year by asking if you would prayerfully consider joining us in private observance. For the record, Lent is NOT something that is mentioned in Scripture. It is not something that we want to pressure you into doing. However! Lent does encourage and celebrate some beautiful principals: Prayer, Fasting, Surrendering to God, Giving, and more. We know that this is last minute because Lent technically starts tomorrow March 1, and continues for 40 days until Easter, but do not let this discourage you. There is nothing "magical" about the number of days you partake. If you need a few days to prayerfully consider what you might want to fast from, please take this time. It means more to us that you would want to seriously take on this beautiful act. For more detail, there is a helpful article linked to the bottom of this document!


If anything, please continue to pray with us as we seek to celebrate Christ's name here in McLeansville. We are excited to see God work through us to firmly establish a place of worship in this area. Pray with us that God continue to lead us exactly where He wants us, so that we can continue to proclaim His name to everyone!

CC.C Pillar: (Read Ephesians 6:18; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) At CC.C we firmly believe that, as Christians, it is our duty to always be in a mindset of prayer and joy. We are to bring all things to God through prayer, as long as they be within the context of His will for the church and mankind. We are to love Him in such a way that our prayer stems from living a life of joy.


  • Continue to email us with your prayer requests, both private (only seen by leadership) and public (which can be included in future newsletters).
  • Let us know of anyone that might want to be a part of this church. Also, be sure to invite others to check out our website - www.crosscurrent.church - for more information.

Contact Info

For any feedback and prayer requests, please respond to news@crosscurrent.church

Nothing teaches us about the preciousness of the Creator as much as when we learn the emptiness of everything else. -Charles Spurgeon

Click here for the article further explaining Lent:

Lent is for ALL Christians


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