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Attempt: To make an effort or to complete

Awareness: A way to spread the word around to prevent events from taking place

Mental Health: A condition of a persons psychological and/or emotional well being.

Overdose: When a person takes too much of a substance

Suicide: When someone makes the decision to take their own life.

Treatment: A way that a person gets help with the problem in their life and to get better with dealing with it.

Statistics of Suicide

What are the statistics shown for kids that have or considered suicide?

Suicide is increasing in teens everyday. One statistic showing that on average a total of 5,240 attempts are made in kids grades 7-12(Jason Foundation). As we getter farther into this research we will be able to hopefully learn something new and be able to spread the word about teen suicide. So to start suicide is the second leading cause of deaths among teens; along with it being the second leading cause of death with ages 10-24. The age range for teen suicide given by NBC, was 15-24. Which clearly extends past teenage life. Another statistic is a teen is 4 to 10 times more likely to commit if a firearm is present in the house. One in five teens have considered suicide. Along with that, almost half of the teens that have considered suicide did not talk to anyone about it. About half of the kids that considered suicide, searched it up on the internet(Cassandra, S.). A couple more statistics are one big major sign of suicide is bullying. About 30% of kids who were bullied reported depression and about 11% have considered suicide. Last of the many statistics is that a girl who is bullied is twice as likely to commit suicide than a male.

Signs of Suicide

How does suicide affect teens?

In 2012, Daily News reported that 1 in 6 teens have considered suicide, but over the years it has grown to 1 in 5. They also reported that 1 in 12 teens have attempted suicide. Suicide is a word that has turned dark and ugly, but not many know of how or who it affects. But one thing that was mentioned from the interview that Fox News had with Dr. Simon he said, "We don’t have good explanations for why we’re seeing this increase." Many are not informed of what the symptoms are or even know how big of an issue suicide is. Becoming informed can save someone’s life and is what everyone should be. Some of the common symptoms are losing interest in hobbies/interests that you normally do, Sleeping too much or too little, getting into drugs and alcohol, you get angry more frequently, and many other signs(Risk Factors and Warning Signs). Another big one, the factor of depression that will sneak up on someone and mess with their life. If you leave the depression untreated it can worsen into something dangerous and health concerning to many people. That is is shown to be one of the main causes of suicide. Most won’t even know they had been suffering with depression. Prevention places and doctors are trying to understand the growth in suicide, but it is difficult when each one has their own story. But one thing that does pop up is the connection between bullying and suicide. Over the years bullying has increased in kids and it affects everyone to the person being bullied, the one who is doing the bullying, and the bystanders. Bullying and Suicide says that bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide. So we do know that bullying plays a role, but the rest is still being looked into as to why teens are feeling down and taking their lives.

Strategies for Suicide

What are strategies for lowering suicide rates?

When a person is showing the signs, like the ones I mentioned before, you should help them. Most will ignore and think it’s a phase and that they will grow out of it. But most of the time it’s not. And they end up killing themselves, which then causes others to be hard on themselves because they could have helped. So if you do notice someone who is showing the signs one thing that was suggested by the Mayo Clinic, is to just ask them straight out. Talk with them to see if you can help or if you need to take a different route to find them help. If you are a friend you could tell an adult, counselor, or someone who is going to help. Another thing in there is most people won’t speak up if they do notice the person showing signs, because they don’t want the other person to be angry at them. But in the long run, they will be thanking you for getting them help, when they didn’t see that they needed it. So if you notice someone who is showing strong signs, speak up and get help. The Durango Herald suggests that speaking about it and doing more work for prevention/treatment should be happening.

Suicide Prevention Hotlines

What are suicide hotline/prevention doing to stop suicide?

"Many kids do not understand that once they’re dead, they’re dead forever.” said Underwood when interviewed by Fox News. The word is said in most times a joking manner and it just goes over most people’s head when heard. That is why places such as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is trying to spread the word and make others aware that this is a serious matter. As mentioned before, suicide rates have been increasing dramatically over the years. The prevention places are there to help you from doing harm to yourself and possibly others. When mentioned in the video from the Mayo Clinic, they said something you as a friend or a parent is write the number for the hotline down along with other people the person could talk to if they are feeling low and thinking about suicide. Over the years the preventions places have been working on research for the best ways to prevent suicide from taking place. One thing they are thinking plays a big role in suicide is stress and also your genes. And as those factors play a role, they are working on finding more strategies and ways to help with treating depression, which is a huge factor in suicide. From the Suicide Prevention Center they stated about having a plan towards success. The first one for example is engaging with those with experience and by that you would be talking to people and finding encouragement. There are so many different ways to help prevent and taking the first step towards it is hard, but worth it if it saves yours or another one’s life.

Affect of Assisted Suicide

How would assisted suicide change the view/effect of suicide as a whole?

When reading an article from The Gazette about assisted suicide, maybe some will wonder how this is affecting suicide. Proposition 106 was on the ballot during the voting season. It ended up getting more yes votes than no votes. As of 2016 there are five states that make assisted suicide is legal. The states are California, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and now Colorado too. Oregon has some of the highest rates of suicide, along with that as of last year 204 people had gotten prescription medication for suicide. And ever since 1998 when the death with dignity act was put into action, a total of 1, 749 people have died. As stated by Death by Dignity, Most patients who had received the referral for the medication were older than 60 years old. Even with there being an age gap between a 60 year and a teenager, teens still view it the same. Maybe even others see it that with help, the person is still taking their life. So when hearing about Proposition 106, which allows assisted suicide to happen, most are concerned because they see that as the government encouraging suicide and that it is okay to say goodbye to the world at any age. But to a teen when hearing about this, it might change their views. Some may not see it that way but in this year and later on in time, the promotion of any suicide puts ideas in others head. For the future, it can be affecting what every aspect of suicide. One reason being is teens see that suicide is okay and if older people are doing it at their will, then they can do it at theirs too. Hopefully others will see this putting damage on society and that this needs to be changed and more efforts needs to be put into preventing suicide.

Ted Talks About Suicide Prevention

The video is about suicide prevention. The lady talks about her son and how one day he took his life. Now a days people know the word and meaning of suicide, but a few years ago suicide wasn't even a big deal back then. People are trying to prevent suicide and stop the rates from climbing.

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