Amis looks to enliven downtown Westport By: Jesse Levinson ’17 and Nicole Dienst ’18

Located on the outskirts of up-in-coming Bedford Square, Amis is quickly emerging as one of the most sought-after restaurants in downtown Westport, and it’s not difficult to see why.

The restaurant has just one other location in Philadelphia, where it has established a reputation of perfecting authentic Italian dishes. Westport residents will come to love its assortment of appetizers––including cheese boards and a trio of swordfish meatballs––as well as its many pasta dishes, meats and sides.

Yet Amis’ early success would not be possible without its first-rate service. Each server starts the night off by listing the day’s “Beast of Amis” selection, referring to the chef’s choice of specials. “Beast of Amis” contains an appetizer, pasta and meat dish––each containing the same main ingredient such as chicken or pork.

The servers also take their time to describe each dish, an especially important trait when a portion of the menu is written in Italian. Pasta options such as cacio e pepe, bucatini and paccheri are described elegantly.

"I thought the food was really good and the location was great...The vibe was really lively," Sam Gebicki '17 said.

To start off, the fried cauliflower resembled a delicious and much healthier version of french fries, only costing $8.00. For an entree, the ciao e pepe serves enough for two people, especially if one is looking for a light, delicate pasta. The ciao e pepe, similar to mac and cheese, was also very moderately priced at $16.00. A great pairing with the ciao e pepe, the swordfish meatballs were perfectly cooked, tasting fresh and juicy. And best of all, the olive oil cake for dessert. It was extremely moist, and had the perfect dollop of whip cream on top. Overall, the meal was very moderately priced making Amis appealing to those craving an expensive meal, without the expense.

Swordfish Meatballs

"The swordfish meatballs are so good. They are my favorite thing I got when I was out to dinner with my family there...The food was great," Hannah Roseme '18 said.

Fried Cauliflower

Ciao e pepe

Olive oil cake

Furthermore, the restaurant’s beautiful atmosphere will certainly do no harm to its popularity. In addition to its inside seating, Amis boasts an outdoor option, where customers dine amid a garden of yellow and green and a walkway highlighted by brick arches.

Thanks to Amis and Bedford Square, downtown Westport seems to no longer be a home to only nail salons and banks. Anyone interested in indulging in classic Italian food should make a reservation soon, as spots are filling up fast.

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