Forward March...

Year 2015 when God brought me here in Tacloban. And the very campus God made me to oversee is Leyte Normal University. It was open but still a hard ground for the gospel to penetrate. And looking at it now, I have realized how faithful God has been to this campus.

Leyte Normal University! Yes, we are growing!

I thank God for moments to share the stage in worshiping God with them. This was taken last Worship Night. LNU rocks!

After a long day during the Foundation Day of LNU. It was all worth to serve this campus!

Sharing the God Test to these students. God Test is a tool where we ask 10 legit questions and then we segue to share the gospel. Glad to say that these three received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Can't stop but smile as we enjoyed the youth service! Yes, we still have youth service this summer!

It was a wonderful privilege to witness Donna, one of the students we discipled, as she received seven awards during their Honors Day. I also got the chance to minister to her mother who happened to be a "manicurista". Donna said it didn't stop her in dreaming big!
And these pictures make me teary eyed. After two full years of journeying with them, they passed College. These ladies, with two more who are not in the pictures, graduated last March 29, 2017. And now they are ready to change the world to wherever field God will bring them! I believe these Warays will go a long way as they trust Him. Thank you for helping me raise them to be the woman that they are now. Whatever they will become as they enter a new season, as they make decisions on their own especially in choosing their career path, I know we have a big part in their lives!

A moment to share not to fear.

This was my first time to preach again after eight long years in the youth service. And I realized how I miss this!

To minister among the young people is such a privilege. It is a legit question to why would God use someone like me. But everytime I see myself doing it, I am always reminded how the Cross changed the very person in me. I thank Him for saving me and for calling me as one of His ministers. I also thank for partners like you. How can God send me to the field apart from people who believes in my calling especially in changing the campus, changing the world! Truly, thank you for your partnership! Thank you for being in the team so more young people will know and serve God! To Him belongs all the glory and honor!

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