DIGITAL LITERACIES examples in curriculum at swinburne




Examples across Swinburne University of Technology

There are so many examples of innovations in teaching, modelling digital literacies or using technology in creative ways. Here are some from HE at Swinburne.

Example 1

Bita Zaferanloo in Science re-imaging assessment to enable equity of access during COVID

Example 2

Thom Luke & Elliot Henkel Prototyping coaches in DFM / PDE using digital communication to showcase and teach analogue making.

Example 3

Nicolene Lottering in Health Sciences utilising drawing for learning to teach anatomy

Example of in-class drawing activity with students using Adobe Photoshop to colour functional areas of the brain

Example 4

Chamindika Weerakoon from Business created real-world opportunities for students to present as if in industry, while embedding digital literacies in the assessment.




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