TV UNIT presenter

Job Application Letter

I unfortunately missed the lesson on writing a letter of application of a desired role. The lesson that we had after that, most people had their jobs assigned and the spare role in my group was presenter. I was happy with that especially since I missed out on the previous lesson and still ended up satisfied.

If I were to write a letter of application, I would desire to be either the floor manager or the vision mixer. Since I was the cinematographer in the horror (previous) unit, I thought this would be a good change and challenge for me. As I ended up being one of the presenters, I had a great experience overall. It was nerve racking at first all coming from the shortage of time and the pressure to speak perfectly, but eventually it came out fine and I'm glad I had a friend with me.

Research on my Production Role (Presenter)

Some of the skills you need to be a tv presenter is to have a strong and an attractive personality, to enjoy communication with an audience, have an excellent oral approach and be able to handle stress and make quick decisions under pressure.

TV presenters usually work in front of a tv. They introduce themselves and host programmes, read the news, interview people, etc. They are usually involved in rehearsals and making the script, which later on goes to the director. They can work along national and regional radios located inside studios. The hours are usually long but they do not allow that to show on their faces.

Textual Analysis

Analysis of "The Next Step"

"The Next Step" is a canadian teen drama show which is about a group of dancers that attend a dance studio called "The Next Step." They use a variety of developing technology like filming equipment and technology which is used to promote the show. Their target audience that they're aiming towards vary between the teen years (13-18). They're most popular social media they use to communicate with viewers is Instagram. They post screenshots of their upcoming episodes and give a reminder of when it will be up. This is an example of one of them:

As you can see on the post, they made sure to include what channel it will be available on, the date and time and of course a screen grab from the episode.

Production Documentation

Since Alex and I were the presenters, we were in charge of making the script. We mainly got assigned this role so we could choose what to say ourselves and when we say what. This was the script:

Luckily, we didn't have too much to explain during our whole take which is why we did not have to have regular rehearsals out of class time.

rehearsing the script during class

Before the the production, Alex, Nidhi and I met up together after school to make a practise slime stress ball. We didn't want to take the risk of making it on the spot since we'd never done it before. It turned out good and we were glad with the decision we made.

Production Meeting Notes

Nidhi (director) prepared us really well for all our meetings and made sure we had everything ready on time. She sent out emails regularly to make sure of this and kept everyone really organized.

Rehearsal Footage

Actual Production

Distribution Possibilities

Our target audience is focused on the teen years. We could do all sorts of things for it to be easy for them to watch it. We could post teasers and pictures on social media such as instagram, facebook and snapchat which will give them an insight before watching the whole thing. We could also post the full video on youtube and share the link so it's even simpler for our audience.

Final Evaluating Production Report

Overall, I think this project was a great experience. It so fun learning about the evolution of media and doing this production towards the end. I'm especially happy with my role since it was totally unexpected and undecided. It turned out to be a huge challenge and definitely a big step out of my comfort zone (I'm not used to being in front of the camera, I'm usually behind). I'm so glad I had a friend presenting with me. I think it made is so much less awkward and he also gave me confidence. I also feel that we worked well as a team since there were no arguments or big problems that we had to face. Nidhi was also a really good director because of how she organised jobs for every person and sent out great emails informing us about meetings, deadlines and just updating us in general.

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