Africa Past and Present

Land Usage

Subsistence farming since they are only producing enough for their own use, they don't sell enough to make any income off of it.Subsistence is farming for your family's personal use,commercial is large scale farming for profit.Natural re-scour Commercial farming involves larger plots of land, and producing crops to sell for profit. The fact that Africans use so much of the land for subsistence farming is an issue because they aren't generating income from much of this.

Natural rescources

Gold and diamonds,½ of the world's gold comes from Africa. 2 ways the unequal distribution of natural resources has affected countries in Africa are Unequal wealth among countries(countries who have more are wealthier,ones without are poor)Unequal wealth among countries(countries who have more are wealthier,ones without are poor) Unequal wealth among countries(countries who have more are wealthier,ones without are poor)Unequal population distribution(people live where the resources are)War over access to access to fresh water. Corrupt government leaders take bribes to let others have them.It is estimated that perhaps 65% of the world's diamonds are mined there,

T” minerals that the Dem. Rep. of Congo has

Tin Tantalum Tungsten Cellphone. They are controlled and taxed buy these groups they control the minds and force people to mine. It is because the rebel groups are giving them money to shut up.

Which 5 nations have the highest GDP Per Capita in the region?

Mauritius $12,800 South Africa $11,100 Botswana $9,100 Seychelles $7,800 Namibia $7,300

Life Expectancy

28/31 people are sub Sarahan its because of HIV and AIDS is about 51 year

Powerful Trading Empires

Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, They existed between 800 CE and 1600 CE. They traded on the Trans Saharan trade Network. West Africans traded gold to north Africans for salt. Slaves were traded on this network.

Slaves on the Trans-Saharan Network

Muslims traded for Africans slaves because Muslims can't Enslave Other Muslims. They were forced to serve in the Military. Muslim enslavement of Africans.: Muslim slaves were treated better and able to own houses

King Mansa Musa and Timbuktu -

Mali most important king the Muslim Ruler Takes 60,000 people ,80 camels and they carried 300 lbs of gold each have slaves. However, for centuries this was a major trading hub and a center for scholarship. The city reached its height in the 16th century when it was controlled by the Song hay Empire.

Ibn Battuta: Explorer -

Ibn Battuta was 21 years old a when he set out in his Native Tangier Ibn Battuta set off from his hometown on a hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca, a journey that would ordinarily take sixteen months. He would not see Morocco again for twenty-four years.

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