Grace black Giant pandas


Giant pandas ( black and white fur ) are used for decoration. They have thick hair ; it keeps them warm in the winter. Babies,which are tiny,are hairless and blind.


These giant pandas are hidden in the mountain forests of southwest china. They live for 20 years.


Giant pandas are omnivores but they eat bamboo. Giant pandas eat 20-40 kg per day. Pandas eat 12 hours a day.


Female giant pandas can have babies at the age of 4-8. Giant pandas can become pregnant within the 2-3rd day of spring. They are pregnant for 95-160 days.


Pandas ,which breathe like humans,are extremely healthy with breathing and communicating.

Are they exstinged

There are now only 2060 pandas left. They used to be exstinged. Now they are seen as vulnerable.


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