adventures in quarantine: Communicator staff School cancellation dramatically changes the routines of most teenagers; it can be hard to figure out what to do. Here is what our staff has been up to for the past week.

"My oldest cousin got married during the start of quarantine. This was very exciting because she was the first of our cousins to get married and our whole family was there. It was very nice to see them and have something positive happen during this crazy time. Having to travel was weird and scary being around so many people, but it was so sweet to see such a special moment. The area was beautiful and the weather held up pretty well. It began to drizzle as the ceremony started. -Hannah Bernstein

"On Wednesday I spent some time riding my horse, it was a beautiful day and I went out to my barn and spent awhile just riding my horse, Ruthie alone outside. It felt so good to get out in the sun doing my favorite thing, it was so peaceful. My old horse has been out of work all winter because of an injury and I thought he was not going to get better and would have to be put down but somehow he managed to make a recovery and I got to get back on him for the first time on Wednesday which was very special." -Sophie Nunez

"In the summer I spend a lot of my time making new friendship bracelets and watching tv. I feel like up until this actually happened, people were waiting for time to just lie at home and do nothing. Now that it's actually here, people are freaking out and not knowing what to do with their time! I found it extremely beneficial to make a list that I could look back on. One thing I always knew I would have to do eventually is watch Star Wars. Yes, I grew up and have been living on this planet for 16 years and have never watched a single Star Wars movie! My friend blessed me with their Disney+ information and after two days, I'm already on the third one! Next will be Harry Potter!" -Jenna Jarjoura

"With more time than I know what to do with, I have started running. So far my favorite place to run is through Bird Hills to Barton Dam. I would never usually go running, but it is something I have wished I could do. During this time, I have started going on runs and they are gradually getting longer and faster. Before each run, I set a goal for distance and time. Also, an overall goal for the next few weeks." -Ella Rosewarne

"The best thing about playing an instrument is that for any piece, there is always that one more thing you can do to make it sound a little better, so you never need to put a big effort into finding something to do." -Sophie Kriz

"My mom and I spent the afternoon making a cherry pie. As we were covering the pie with the crust, it suddenly broke and cherry filling went everywhere! It turned out to be pretty delicious, despite some of the outer crust burning. Before we baked the pie, we hid a single blueberry inside. Whoever got the blueberry got to decide what board game we played that night." -Scarlett London

"Since being quarantined, my schedule has been thrown off quite a bit. After both work and school were called off, I’ve been fulfilling my time by babysitting my cousins, walking my dog and doing homework. In the photo provided, my dog ,Vinnie, and I are doing our warm-up stretches for my Acting I class. Usually, at the beginning of each class we’d stretch, recite tongue twisters and talk about our day. Now that classes are online, we have to make videos we recorded of us doing our warmups. It’s a little strange, and I miss the interaction; but a pro in it is that we get to stay home and be safe. I’m excited to do more like it, because now I get a little more practice at making videos that I could maybe one day put online." -Sophia Scarnecchia

"This morning, I went on a walk with my sister and our dogs. I don’t usually have time to go on dog walks, so this week it has been nice to have so many opportunities to get outside." -Lily Sickman-Garner

"I've had a tough time the past week. It's been hard to be motivated to do anything and to find any semblance of normalcy, so I've started going on these drives. I don't go anywhere in particular, just wherever I feel like. Gas is super cheap right now and it's not like I don't have the time, so I drive. Sometimes I sing. I highly suggest it." -Eliot Klus

"I climbed a huge tree at Barton Park while on a walk with my friend." -Brenan Dionne