Cause And Effect By. David M


EVENT: Many ships sank in the ocean from a big storm. Spain failed at the invasion An England blocked off the short route back to spain so the ships had to take a really long way to their home and thats how they got into the storm and many ships were lost.
CAUSE: Spain Wanted to conquer England by doing an Invasion. Spain also wanted to establish their own dominance by conquoring England. Spain wanted to prevent England From making an army.
EFFECT: Spain got a bad name put on them because of the failed invasion. Spain also lost thousands of soldiers in the storm. Spain also lost all ships that were in the storm.


EVENT: Christopher Columbus Lands in the Carribean in search for spices. He discovered the new world for us and he also colonized the North America.
CAUSE: Spain sponsored Christopher columbus and so he sailed out to sea in search for spices. Columbus Landed in the carribean and ofcourse found many great spices.
EFFECT: Columbus found new land. Columbus wanted a trade with the native people but thats not what they wanted and so they got mad. Columbus also colonized the land that he found.


EVENT: Europe ran out of spices so they wanted to find some island that has some. Europe sent out christopher columbus to find soem spices and he did.
CAUSE: The reason europe trys to find spice islands is because they got the silk road cut off for them so no more spices go to them. Europe also came out with some better technology to sail the seas. And the Reconquista happened.
EFFECT: An effect on this is that Europe sends out Christopher Columbus and he gets sponsored too. Also Vasco De Gama Got to India. Europe colonized different places all around the earth.


EVENT: Portugal saw that brazil had alot of spices. And then portugal got an idea to claim it because there was nobody living there and thats how they took it into their possesion.
CAUSE: Brazil had spices and so thats why portugal came after it. Portugal wanted alot more land for themselves. Portugal also claimed it because they saw a weakness in Brazil.
EFFECT: Brazil lost alot of land and the Natives didnt really like it. portugal go trich off of spices. Brazil wasnrt really happy with this.


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