Yoga Ceremony Peru October 1st-8th 2019

Yoga Ceremony Peru is an experiential yoga journey, a vision, quest, and epic adventure of self discovery, into and beyond the Self.

Shed that which is no longer serving you, tap into your most powerful gifts.
Be held as you awaken and commune with Gaia
Ann Averbach

Is deeply committed to helping others transform their lives through yoga. Founder of DiviniTree Yoga Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, Ann’s mission is to help build conscious community. Her classes are uplifting, creative, inspiring, and full of wisdom. She lives and breathes yoga and community, and is committed to helping yogis on the path of awakening to live more authentic lives that are in harmony with the earth.

Ann has dedicated her life to learning and teaching yoga in its many diverse forms all around the world. From the Himalayas to the Amazon and from Fiji to Kenya, Ann has been harvesting seeds of wisdom and weaving together a tapestry of transformational tools into her life and teachings. Known for her deeply spiritual and yet highly athletic classes.

Gypsy Yoga Flow is meant to bring practitioners to an edge and is based on the belief that when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones and walk the edge we truly live. Fusing vinyasa with the freedom and femininity of dance, the awareness of subtle energy work, weaving in positive affirmation and awareness of our internal dialogue, Gypsy Yoga flow is known for its intense strength building, strongly intention based nature, and deeply intuitive, liberating, circular movements.

She brings a deep reverence for the earth into her offerings and helps build conscious community around the planet. Ann leads transformational yoga journeys, workshops, and teacher trainings around the world.

Jackie Brown

First found herself immersed in the Kundalini experience 15 years ago and feels it is the Kundalini which can enliven our radiance, clarity, intuition, and power of manifestation to levels beyond! To each class she incorporates the wisdom of ancient Chinese Medicine while awakening both spirit/emotional and physical levels of being. Expect an “experience” of opening through breath work, meditation and chanting. As a bodyworker/student of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, Jacki believes it’s part of the human calling to endure “heart-aches” which take us away from our true self and that Kundalini is the fast track to rekindling our Highest Potential.

Sebastian Hansen

Learned transcendental meditation and given personal mantra from parents at age 5. Grew up working in family greenhouse and florist. Certified Massage Therapy 650 hours at Kishwaukee College. Certified Hypnotherapy 350 hours at American Academy of Hypnotherapy. Has taught Reiki for ten years. 400 hour Ayurvedic consultation training with American institute of Vedic Studies. 100 hour Thai Massage certification with Sunshine School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Certified Laughter Leader with Madan Kataria’s school of Laughter Yoga. Permaculture designer certification in Hawaii with Aloha Aina. Has had 5 years farming exotic fruits and herbs on family farm on Big Island. Also enjoys making herbal elixers and medicated oils from fresh plants from the farm. Wildcrafter Certification training with Earth Medicine Institute on Maui. Alchemy apprentice with Dennis WIlliam Hauck. Currently enrolled in Healing Sounds correspondence course with Jonathan Goldman and studying Herbal Alchemy with Robert Bartlett.

Cleanse and rejuvenate with Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga in the Andes of Peru. This retreat is an opportunity to release and cleanse on a deep level.
Yoga is about union with our higher centers of perception and this training is an opportunity to study sacred texts, immerse yourself in asana, pranayama, meditation, ritual, adventure, community, and magic.
We realize that yoga as taught in the west is a fusion of many sacred ways and paths here we merge Vedic knowledge with shamanic training all in the heart of the world, the Sacred Valley of Peru.
Experience Apu mountains at the sacred Qinsa Kosha lakes at 16,000 feet of elevation. Stay at Nidra Wasi, a sweet family owned bed and breakfast outside of Pisac, in a great location. Enjoy fresh organic home cooked meals with local Andean produce.
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Photos, video & Desing by @Kawika films