Students Should be Required to Learn a Musical Instrument by maxdal3

The number of students learning to play a musical instrument has dropped within the past ten years, and students nationwide continue to struggle with school. There are a myriad of benefits to people who learn to play an instrument, and if all students were required to learn an instrument, then students will excel in school and in other aspects of life as well.

Playing an instrument is proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. Students who play an instrument in school will feel more relieved, and they will also have that skill so that when they are feeling stressed out after school they will be able to relieve that stress by playing an instrument.

Learning to play a musical instrument helps strengthen the memory function of the brain. When a musician learns a song to perform, he or she must play and look over the piece of music until it is memorized, and this will help to strengthen students memorization.

Students who play an instrument are more focused in class. A musician must be focused when practicing and playing an instrument, and this focus will then affect the way a student performs in class.

There are multiple studies that show that students who play an instrument score better on tests. It is proven that some students who play an instrument score better on tests in school and also the SAT's.

Students would benefit greatly if they were forced to learn an instrument. Not only does playing an instrument benefit students in school, but it also helps them outside and after school. Schools should force their students to learn a musical instrument because the younger children will benefit, students will excel and improve in class, and playing an instrument will help students fight against stress and anxiety.


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