Your Utopia By, Eli Clark


The language would be english because i think it’s easier to learn, we would talk face to face and over the phone.

Food Supply

We would eat all kinds of meat from harvesting animals and we would have farms all over the town to grow vegetables


Everyone will all believe in wood, which means they would believe in god so that there won’t be people arguing or fighting over their different beliefs. We would have church on Thursday and Sunday nights. Everyone would have to go to church at least 3 times a month. We would have holidays just like now such as christmas and new years.


People will have jobs such as farming and doctors to keep people safe and well. People will get paid depending on how much they worked and how hard they worked. The civilization would sell crops or animals to other countries to make money.


There would be one person elected from the people of the country to lead everyone and make the choices for the country and the runner up of the election would be the vice president to help make choices. Then there would be one person in charge of the crimes and how bad the crime was and how bad their punishment should be.


Everyone would have the most up to date watches and phones to communicate between each other and there would be a special phone in every house and car made specially to call the hospital for special emergencies. Everyone would ride on hover cars to make their way around. We would create hover crafts everyday for the people that reach the age legal to drive which is 12.


Everyone would make their own clothes to wear and everyone would have freedom to wear whatever they would like unless there is a special dress code in that area. There would be sports that have baseball, football and basketball combined. People could also create their own sports as they would like. There would be a sports called footkick, which is where you play kickball with a football shaped ball but instead of rolling it you toss it to the plate. If someone plays in a major sporting event they have to pay 500 dollars per team and if you win your teams gets double that each person but if you lose the competition then you have to pay back the sports company double the amount it costed to play. People could do things outside as a hobbie. You will have to spend at least 2 hours outside doing something to involve running or playing a game. People could eat whatever they would like as long as it is made in our country. People would have to find food for themselves to survive. They would have to farm their own crops and have their own livestock. People would create their own music and if enough people like your music you could start getting paid for every time someone buys your music. There would be specific people to write books and letter for specific people. Everyone would have to respect everyone that is older than them and if they don’t they will be punished. There would be specific people to be architectures and to find artifacts that were planted throughout the country. If you find one of the artifacts you can be rewarded 200 dollars to 2 million dollars depending on the size and difficulty of finding that object. Everyone will go to school until they are 10. They would have school every other week year around. If you didnt have over a b average then you were not allowed to graduate. They will learn everything they need to know about whatever they choose to work as when they graduate. They will learn this soon so they will be great at it by the time they get out of school and will be able to help anyone that needs help on that specific things they graduated in.

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