Caring for Penny How do we take care of our class pet?

By the end of this webquest you will know a little more about rabbits and how to take care of Penny if you are the class vet. Watch the video below to get started learning about rabbits!

Watch this video below to learn about rabbit behaviors. I want you to think "Has Penny ever done any of these behaviors?"

Below are a few things that Penny can eat. Some things she can have all the time and some things she can only have on special occasions.

Penny can have hay and pellets all the time. She needs this source of food at all hours of the day. If Penny does well when you play with her or after cleaning her cage she can have a plain cherrio (1-3). Penny's favorite food is bananas. She can only have a part of a banana once a month. This is a RARE treat for her. She can not eat the peels.

Make sure you are wearing gloves when you begin cleaning her cage. Place Penny in a safe spot before you start cleaning. Take the top part of the cage off and clean any droppings from the bottom.

Take out the blocks in the corner of the cage and put them in the sink. Take the old plastic bag off the bottom of the cage and throw it in the trash. Make sure to have the trash can close.

Wash the blocks that are in the bottom of her cage with soap and water. Make sure there are lots of suds! Spray the bottom of the cage with smelly good spray.

Grab a new trash sack and put it over the bottom tray of the cage.

Place the blocks in the corner of the cage. One block should be at each corner. Then spread shredded paper (located below her cage) all over the bottom of the cage. Place the top part of the cage on top of the bottom.

Spray some more good smelling spray to get rid of any smells that happened from throwing her waste in the trashcan.

Lastly, grab Penny and put her back in her cage. If she had a great attitude you can reward her with a few cheerios. Make sure to pick up everything that you got out while cleaning her cage and return the gloves after washing them.

Wow! You have learned a lot about how to take care of our class pet! Click the link below to give a brief summary of everything you learned!


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