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Mini research project An island in the Mediteranean sea is the home of Aphrodite. Aphrodite had no mother or father. Hera and the other godesses wer jealouse of Aphrodites beauty. Aphrodite was often a bit concented and used her beauty to catch men. The romans called Aphrodite by the name Venus. The plant is named after her. Aphrodite was married to Hephathust.
Allusions Pandoras boxs allusion is that opening Pandoras box means what you could do could turn out bad. The Midas touchs allusion is that sometimes what you wish for doesn't always turn out what you want. The achilles heal allusion means that it is not your specialty. The allusion for herculean task is that you think the task is immpossible or not easy to complete.
why roses are red.
Charecter traits king midas is very greedy because all he care about is being rich and his gold he doesn't even care about his daughter. Pandora is very curious because she was always wondering about the jar or box that Zeus gave to her as a wedding present.
Charecter traits for villians and heros of the Greek Gods Hercaules is a hero because he saved his wife and fought for her for 10 years so i think he has a lot of cuorage. Mecusa is a villian because she has killed many of people because of her snakes she got snakes from Athena because Medusa kept braging about her beauty . All heros and villian have lots of things in common Hercaules and Medusa both have something in common like They have both killed people for a reason Medusa could'nt help it but Hercaules had to save his wife .
I love that originally she started out as foam and she didnt havewell i dont love that but she didnt have a family she was all by herself. But fun fact I never knew that there was a goddess of love .
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