Gorillas Matt Harkness

Gorillas are very big, strong and interesting animals. Most think they are aggressive, but really they are shy animals. The times they are aggressive are because they sense you mean danger to someone in their troop, especially their babies.

The most common type of Gorilla in Africa is the Western lowland gorillas. They may seem harmful but they are very shy creatures. Because they are hunted for meat, they try to avoid humans. Here's something cool I learned. How to greet a gorilla, let a male gorilla know you mean no harm: Don't look at him in the eyes. Bow, make yourself small, don't mess with the babies in his troop.

This is Ebobo a Western Lowland Gorilla from National Geographic Face to Face with Gorillas

Gorillas are very social animals. They live with there family in groups, otherwise known as troops, usually with 5 to 10 members in each. A big and strong experienced male called a silverback leads his troop. You tell a silverback from another by his hefty size and gray-haired back.

Young Gorillas spend more time climbing trees than adults. This mountain gorilla has longer hair than other types of gorillas

Gorillas are the largest of all primates- a group of animals that include, monkeys, chimpanzees, and humans. Although they are really strong, they are peaceful, plant-eating animals. For example, there favorite activity are eating and napping.

In tropical African forests, leopards prey upon young gorillas. Sometimes other males challenge silverbacks and try to take over their families. Ese rival males have even been known to kill baby gorillas. It's the silverbacks job to keep the family safe, which is partly why the male gorillas are twice the size of the females.

Most people didn't know that males are twice the size of females, or that silverbacks lead a troop and have red hair. Most people think gorillas were independent, but they actually have troops with 5-10 people in each. Gorillas are very shy animals and when they aren't disturbed they can be fascinating to watch.


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