Tour of Museum of Natural History Sean Plechy

Nature and the Human Spirit

Nature, like time, is a force in the world that can never be extinguished. It inhabits our every day lives, but we don't take time to appreciate what it represents. The Natural History Museum is dedicated to this pursuit through the display of organism that inhabit the same earth that we do and one's that did so in the past as well. In our everyday lives we only see the nature that is around us in brief fragmented parts at best. However, at the Natural History Museum a more complete picture begins to form as it does it's best to encompass the mystery and majesty of the natural world.

Nature on Display

The Natural History Museum's butterfly exhibit does a superb job at immersing you in nature by placing you within arms reach of it. The exhibit captures the attention of all for it displays organisms that captivate the eye in their natural habitat and enables us an opportunity to witness it and be a part of it. This medium allows does not simply employ the same visual learning that other exhibits do but also employs auditory and kinetic aspects that appeal to the different types of learners in the world that cannot learn simply by witnessing.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum can only put nature on display. Whether we feel love, respect and admiration for it is up to us entirely. I personally think its more common sense for people to believe that we are a biotic community and that only the arrogant think that we somehow have a right to possess and manipulate nature to our hearts content. The Museum only reaffirmed my appreciation for nature as I witnessed some of its creations. Other visitors there did at least seem to have a respect for it as they carefully conducted themselves in the butterfly exhibit so they would not damage anything.

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