Detour in Big Sky A story (mostly) in pictures

The wind has its own western personality, gentle and breezy and whistling and howling and biting and ferocious in turn. The winds in Montana last weekend were all of the above and more. The interstate highway was closed because the winds rolled semi trucks and trailers right off the road! Even our vehicle, my trusty Suburban (aka 'The Beast'), suffered from occasional wind jitters.

Detours in Big Sky Country also have their own rhythm. We went for miles with the road to ourself. Wasn't anyone else detouring from the closed interstate?

The winter has been long and cruel to herbivores in the highlands.
The wind whipped these clouds into a froth, allowing the blue sky to shine.
The sky grew more beautiful and more ominous later in the day. We could almost touch the clouds.
The wind drove storm fronts over the mountains and through the passes. The sky would turn a dark gray, then the winds would paint sunlight into the sky.
Horses are naturally curious and came over to say hello to us on the lonely road.
We wondered if this mountain created its own weather. I remember the moment I realized that the weather created by a mountain is usually bad weather: camping in the foothills of Denali.
We had to pull over to watch the front move across the mountains. The only sound was the wind.
Look: More Weather!
As the clouds enveloped the mountains, the color would change from blue-green to gray again.

We ended up taking more photos of our detour than we did in Yellowstone. It's amazing what you can see when you aren't in a hurry to get somewhere.


Photos: Highland Eyes

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