Prosaic Childhood (photo from pinterest-children in montalban, Phil.) usual kid

Photo taken at Malabon-me during my 9 months old-wearing red dress

Prosaic- it's not because its dull but more on ordinary; just like any other kid, lot of friends, playing outdoor and even indoor. "Patintero",' tumbang preso'', "agawan vase", "agawan panyo", "luksong baka", "luksong tinik", "jumping rope" and girls all-time favorite; "Chinese Garter". All of that games and many more are part of my childhood. Crush? the so called "kilig factor" every time you and your crush are on the same team? or you are out of the game because of him/her? but you don't care at least your crush touch you? (but not for me (: LOL! ) and not to mention the "bahay-bahayan" where you are always play the role of younger sister because you are the youngest of them all?-- I'm sure most of the 90's kids will relate to that. And of course who will not remember Dragon Ball Z, Flame of Recca, Hunter X Hunter, Ghost Fighter, Slam Dunk, Doraemon, Mojacko, Sailormoon-- Anime's and cartoons that will stop you from playing and doing everything just to watch it or you will have an agreement with your mother that you will take a nap just for you to be able to watch. All of those things that was so good to reminisce. Simple things that makes you happy.

grandmother, my uncle and me

bonding time with my unlces

They picked me up to school to have a quality time together.


Growing up without your parents on your side was very difficult even if you have your uncles and their wives, cousins and grandparents. It was very hard for a kid to adjust every time your mother went back to the Philippines. Thank God I have the family of my mom and my friends that's why I didn't felt the lack of love. When my mom decided to stay here for good, we are not that very close 'cause I really don't know her. I don't know what is her favorite food, movies, everything. It's like we have a dull moment every time we're together.


Years passed, my parents went back here for good; from Malabon we moved to Antipolo particularly in Cogeo and then moved again to Malabon and I started studying in grade school. Our relationship was okay, I mean were not that close and I am not that aloof to them but unexpected things happened and changed our lives. After I graduated in grades school, we thought that everything was fine until one day, I suffered from loss of vision, at first everything was blurred until I got totally blind. Then, we went to ophthalmologist to know or to asked about my condition , the doctor prescribed a medicine and then my vision went back but not as clear like 20/20 (vision). Days after, the right part of my body was very heavy, like I only pull my right legs for me to be able to walked and my right arms are totally dead. And the rest is history. Oh by the way, I was declared as dead for more than 3 hours. From then, I know that I am a totally different person. From being a pessimistic person to an optimistic one, I am very close to everyone especially my mom.

Church Life


Now, for this second life; I know that I have this certain purpose that God wants me to do and I’m still figuring it out. After the miracle that happened to me, I can say that I am closer to God than before. It is cleared to me that in this life, yes you can do whatever you want but you should always considered what God wants you to do. You should always put God first before anything else. I am currently serving as one of the “Kadiwa Officers” II-Kalihim ng Kapisan sa Lokal. (II-Secretary).


College Days, they always say that the most enjoying and exciting part of you being a student is high school but for me; it’s “College”. Maybe because my high school life is totally different. Who will enjoy high school days if your class is only once a week? Yes, you read it right! I was enrolled in "OHSSP" also known as Open High which only requires class once a week. Going back, studying in College is not quite easy especially if you have other obligations but that’s okay. The only problem is that people in your institution who has say in everything. Like, they are always having side comments about your professors, or your course.-- Good thing we are all graduating now.

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