Food Trails from KUTA to KOTA

Two unrelated places that has hardly anything in common; Kuta - a beautiful beachy tourist spot in the island of Bali in Indonesia, Kota - a small quaint town in the middle of the desert land in Rajasthan in India. The connection in these places in my life is that, its where i discovered the foodie in my partner.

Well, the journey actually began in Malaysia, the airport of Kuala Lumpur to be precise, where we merely spent few hours in transit. We couldn't wait to begin our search for good food, especially after having boring in flight meals.

With gorgeous mouth watering sights in the food court, we were more than happy to be spoiled for choices.

Widest smile always brought on only by the foodie in him! :P :)

While he settled for the chicken noodle meal, i decided to stick to the chicken and rice combo. But the interesting addition was the lotus root salad, that tasted quite nice with a small tinge of sweetness.

We stayed at three different places in Bali and enjoyed various types of cuisines, primarily Asian for obvious reasons. Bali shares a lot of common ancestral culture and practices with the Indian Hindu culture. We saw Hindu gods, and temples bearing similarities in architecture with South Indian styles. Though the most apparent commonality in terms of food is the huge consumption of rice, the flavors and taste that the unique cuisine carries was definitely very different and new.

After a good swim in the Kuta beach, terribly hungry and ready to hog !
Pandan chichen - Chicken cooked in Pandan leaves & Nasi Campur Bali rice - Mixed rice with assorted veggies, meats, peanuts and fries.
Enter into the caves of goa gajah
Salak - snake fruit

At the Terrace rice fields in Tegalalang !

Enjoying a meal of Bebek Goreng - fried duck and rice !

The best meal we had in Kuta - fried chicken noodle ! It was so yummy that we couldn't have enough of it. Despite the generous serving we ordered more of the same and relished it till the last bite.

Amazing buttery chicken appetizer to go with the noodle
Some of the awesome breakfast spreads we enjoyed in Bali.
nusa lembangon

What fun could there be if we did not enjoy water sports holidaying in an island place like Bali. He is an avid swimmer and never missed a chance to enjoy the cool clear waters. We had our first time experience at snorkelling at the Lembangon island.

Calamari Rocket - squid in hot tomato sauce; First time experience in food too !

Kalabonk - yummy fried chicken and veggies
white water rafting at telaga waja

ikan bakar bumbu oles - literally translates to grilled fish with seasoning - our last dinner at Legian, near Kuta

Chicken Cordon Bleu - well this is not Asian cuisine but we loved it anyway :P

Now back to India - and within few months we planned our second trip, to Kota in Rajasthan - the place where my husband spent his childhood days. This wasn't about exploring new food, but a chance for him to relish and relive his memories through his love for food. And rajasthani cuisine has some amazing foods that offer this relishing experience.

KOTA palace
the most famous dal bati churma

Well, this was like a preview of sorts, 'cause we had a very short trip. But we are going again in a couple of months and will hopefully explore more of the lovely desert land of Rajasthan. We will continue our culinary journey too and i shall be back to share more soon.

Kannan Narayanan

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