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What the oSight Edu Is:

The “o” in oSight Edu stands for optic. They are glasses that help students with their homework by guiding them on what to do. They come in many styles, sizes, and shapes. And work with students of all ages.

How it works:

The frame reads the waves produced by your thoughts to know what you need help with. There are three modes. The first is called lens mode. It shows you what to do on your lenses. No one else can see these directions but the person wearing the glasses. The second is speaker mode. There are small speakers on the side of your glasses along with volume control buttons and a microphone. In this mode you either talk to your glasses through the microphone or use the regular way to ask a question and the speaker will tell you what to do. The third mode is for you to ask the question via brain waves or mic, then the answer will be on the oSight Edu app on your device. Note that for all modes you can ask using the mic, brain waves, or app.

Our App

How to order:

1. Download the oSight Edu application on the App Store or Play store (depending on if you’re using an apple or android device)

2. Then scan your eyes, how? Put the phone up to your face and the app will do all the work.

3. Pick your style.

4. Glasses get delivered in under a day.

5 Enjoy!

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