MEALWORM Presintaion

Me and my partner, Cameron was testing the distance and the time of how far the mealworm goes on a rough surface and smooth.

Worms on the smooth surface

The mealworms never felt a rough and smooth surface so it was difficult for them to move.

The mealworms will live a very short life in the wild beacuse there are many predators who want to eat them.

After I did this experiment, I'm wondering how the meal worm will react on liquids like water.

The worms go faster on the rough surface than the smooth surface beacuse in the wild, there is a lot of rough surfaces than smooth surfaces so the worms were used to the rough surface and it went farther than the smooth surface

First, I grabbed some sand paper for the rough surface then I grabbed a block of wood for the smooth appear. Next, I made a data table that includes how long it takes for the meal worms to go on the smooth and rough surface and the distance of how long it goes. Next, we collected our data and put it into our data table.

The data we collected


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