Maths Found Around St Hilda's School By Cyra Bender

Today in Math Groups we had to explore the Junior School to see what types of math there is. Such as shapes, tesselations, order and other things that relate to math. We could also go and interview some people who work in the school community.

I found some bricks that tesselate. They make a tesselation because they have no gaps in between the rectangles.

These shapes do not tesselate because there is gaps between each shape.

There were many types of tesselations around the school that I discovered. There were also a few that weren't.

When I walked past the handball courts I realised that the square is cut into quarters. Also the handball court had right angles in each corner.

In the playground I found that the spinning thing was in the shape of a cone.

There were so many types of shapes I found while doing this work.

One of the most common thing I found were clocks. This is a very important part of maths. If it wasn't a thing it would be hard to know what the time is.

In 4M they have Spheros. The Spheros use math in them when you program it and when you use the degrees so it can turn the right way.

With the bin you can think about how much capacity is in it.

Then you can compare the capacity between each bin.

There are a lot of things that you can compare the capacity with around the school.

I found many things that had numbers on them. This photo is of the hop scotch near the library.

Here are some interviews about why maths is inportant in everyday life.

To see the interviews I took please press on the button below.

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