seven Ways To Get Ready For Festival Season

Either it’s having runny makeup or missing your favorite artist, knowing how to get ready for festival season allows you to eliminate these troubles.

1. Know the Preformance Schedule: You don't want to go to a festival and find out that you don't know who will be performing. Getting to know the schedule beforehand will help you know when and where your favorite artists are playing. Either keep a schedule in a mobile app or carry a physical copy. As most festivals now offer their own planner app, make sure to check online to see if the festival you are attending has one.

2. Pack Lightly: If the festival allows bags, packing food and water can help save money and keep you from getting hungry or dehydrated. Keeping a portable charger with you can help you continue taking pictures on your phone. Refrain from packing unnecessary and heavy items. This includes laptops and larger cameras.

3. Find the Vendors: If you happen to run out of food, water or just want to buy some merchandise, knowing what vendors are going to be there is helpful. It can help keep you from running out of supplies. This will also give you an idea of how much money to bring with you.

4. Wear Sensible Makeup: If you plan on wearing makeup, you should make sure that it's waterproof and/or long lasting to ensure its life span. You should also apply sunscreen throughout the day to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays. Your makeup should express who you are and you can get inspiration here.

5. Plan Your Outfit Accordingly: Your outfit not only needs to be hip and trendy, but it also needs to be comfortable. If you plan on wearing heels, pack an extra pair of comfortable shoes or sandals in your bag. If the weather is rainy or sunny, you should bring an umbrella or wear a hat.

6. Accessorize: Accessories are a great way to show off individuality while also staying on trend. Sunglasses, hats and flashy jewelry can dress up an outift and not empty out your wallet. Find some inspiration here.

7. Stay Safe: The most important part of a festival is having fun, which you won't be doing if you somehow get injured. Wearing protective shoewear and keeping all of your belongings together will ensure the safety of you and your possessions.


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