The beginning of Everything A book by Robyn Schneider reviewed by dylan olson

the setting of the story is, eastwood, a small town in california
The main characters are: Ezra faulkner and cassidy thorpe
A reoccurring theme in the story is to always be true to yourself. Life changes and you have to except the reality and move on.
Living in a small suburb of California, Ezra Faulkner thought he had his whole life figured out. He had the beautiful girlfriend, he was at the top of the high school popularity hierarchy, and he was the star of the tennis team. As he finds out, "everyone has a tragedy awaiting them".
After finding his girlfriend cheating on him, Ezra was leaving a party when he was struck by another driver. the accident ruined his tennis career and ultimately left him having to start over.
Ezra, being "crippled" and having lost the connection with his "popular" friends, reunites with his old friend Toby and joins a whole new class of popularity. He is introduced to the world of "Debate" and to a very beautiful and mysterious girl named "Cassidy".
Ezra gets comfortable with his new life; however, just as he thinks he has everything figured out, tragedy strikes again. Cassidy breaks up with him right before prom and he is forced to rethink his life.
My first reaction to the book was disappointment. I wanted a happy ending and the ending was everything but happy.
The book was written by Robyn Schneider. She is also the author of the book, "Extraordinary means".

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