The UNMC Alumni Association is excited to recognize these outstanding individuals as our 2020 award recipients. Our alumni and these honorees make a difference in their profession, their communities, and for the University and we are proud of everything they have accomplished.

This year, the UNMC Alumni Association and our college-specific Alumni Councils are finding new ways to virtually recognize these award recipients in lieu of in-person gatherings that were postponed due to the pandemic. Please feel free to explore the links below that feature biographies of the award recipients and their thoughts on receiving their award (in their own words).

And now, a few brief highlights about these outstanding individuals...

One of our award recipients not only opened his medical practice to students as a family medicine preceptor year after year, but he and his family also opened their own home to students to stay with them while they were on rotation. This is all on a volunteer basis.
One of our award recipients had overall accountability for UNMC’s biocontainment unit operations and logistics during the care of patients with Ebola virus disease in 2014-15 and most recently has been a key leader in the COVID-19 response at UNMC and across Nebraska.
One of our awardees led the Immunization Task Force – Metro Omaha, for over 20 years in volunteer and leadership roles.

These are just a few highlights and there are many, many more.

Honoring our alumni for meritorious service is at the core of our mission. We hope we will have the opportunity to celebrate each recipient in-person at future events.