Catapult Created by the Depressants

The image displayed above is an accurate representation of what our end product will most likely look like in the sense of it's texture. The entire catapult will be constructed of the type of PVC pipe displayed beside the rubber bands incorporated into the launch mechanism. We refer to this image as a catalyst for what we want to do essentially.

This image displayed is our actual plans for our catapult, we hope for it to function as a mix of a slingshot constructed with the arm of a catapult. To reel the catapult back, we will have a crank in place on the side to reel the rubber band back, as well as two others to ease the tension on the first band.

For the launches on our catapult, we averaged a range of about two hundred-sixteen, with about each launch being from 194, 219, 258, 194, so even though the launches were really spread out, we have been able to pin down our trajectory so that we can launch the ball into the target when we have our final shot.

Using our range average, we found that the axis of symmetry was 108, so we put our catapult 108 inches back from the wall, and shot the ball at the wall to find our vertex. Using this we found that the vertex was an average of 81, with each shot being 93, 93, 78, 60 inches.

That being said, we found that our vertex was (108, 81).

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