Not So Much a Story Jordan lemmer

Just so you know, this isn't really going to be a story. More or less.....this can be a way to reflect on my self being and understand why I like what I do and why I am the way I am. I'm trying to figure out a lot of personal things about myself and where I'm gonna be going with my current spot. This isn't so much a life story...more or less a....personal entry.

Astrid, one of the friendliest dogs ever.

That's a picture of me. As the picture suggests, I love dogs. Best animals on the planet. I've always had a better connection with animals than people.

Creepy dog
Lazy dog

My dog Sparky. The boy's getting on in years now. A good dog, not smart though, he's probably gone on a good 16 years now. I wish I had some pictures of my first dog Casey, but both her and Sparky really drove home the love I have for dogs. Both were good pets for a kid, and it definitely shaped me for the future.

Childhood memories, back when the Bulls were good

I never really had a bad time growing up. Being born in Houston to two parents from Chicago, they were both there, and they weren't abusive. So why can't I be alright with the way I grew up? Probably because I always grew up out of my element. I was always different from other kids, and that feeling of being "weird" has always made me stay......isolated. I feel like someone like me should have grown up in a small town style, so I was off from the get go. I still inherited a love of fishing and pets from my family, but sometimes it's hard to find everything else.

Probably the one thing I would ever major in.

Being into computers and electronics is really the only thing I've ever really been able to call my own. Everyday I'm still learning more about it and it's the only class type instruction I actually enjoy learning, except history, but it's hard to make a career out of that. I've had a lot of time to think about my childhood, thinking how I took everything for granted. My dad always said that I should try to live my life with no regrets, but I'm already chock full of them. I've like tech ever since I was a kid, so it only makes sense, to me at least, that I would go into it.

Fishin in the dark

I've never really been open about myself cause I'm always scared what people think. I was never raised with a sense of self-confidence, so I never developed one. I found solace in fishing by myself, going to movies by myself, etc.... I always think/though it was supposed to be like that, since I was an outcast. The only person I could ever really fish with was my dad, who taught me how to fish. These days, fishing is rare for me. I try to get out as often as I can, but it's hard to do someday's.

My life today, lovely Hill AFB, UT
Some great views of the Hill AFB Museum, I wish I had time to get my own photos, but not yet.

My story isn't all that intricate, as I'm still building it. I'm getting a little better everyday, which is more than some people can say. While I do have some personal problems going on, I still have it better than a lot. I will always help out my friends, and even those who I don't see as friends, like in the middle picture above. Even though the air force really hasn't done that much to help me figure things out, at least I can use it as an avenue to get somewhere. It's a constant struggle, to try to balance so much so fast. It can even be hard to find someone to vent to when I need it, or to share experiences with. I understand if this gets a lower than 100 grade, cause that's fine. After the time I've been having this last week, I didn't want to try to write out my life story, I just wanted to explore a little as to why I act the way I do.

Me, right now, at 5 in the morning

Here I am now, 23 years old. In the Air Force, struggling to stay awake and finish this. It has been a long journey for me, and I know I've got a lot to go. Like I said before, I understand that this is a pretty poor excuse for a story about myself. I wanted to write about something I'm passionate about. One of which is figuring out how to better myself and get the best out of my situation.

Coast of the Salt Lake

Mountains above Snowbasin

The cabin at Snowbasin

Buffalo out on Antelope Island on the Salt Lake

Snowbasin Ski Resort without the snow

Antelope Island

Antelope Island

A Pumpkin patch last Halloween

Army/Air Force special forces memorial

If there is one thing that definitely makes me happy every day though, it's looking at the beautiful area that surrounds me. Catch it at the right time, and the view can really make your day, or in my case the year.


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