way of the warrior Samurai, Bushido Code

Beginning in the late 1800's, Bushido code is was the basis of early Japanese Society. Bushido outlines how a Samurai should live, dress, and even die.

Bushido is strongly influenced by Confucian principals. Obligation, duty, and loyalty to ones master are all major points of Bushido.

Samurai also strongly valued family pride. Samurai told many stories and carried family flags in battle. The samurai tradition got passed down from generation to generation.

Common Samurai styles; chonmage, kimono, kasa, and hakama.

Some Samurai so strongly obeyed Bushido, thy would let it determine their death. Since honor was so important to Bushi, being captured by an enemy and possibly abused.

Seppuku or disembowelment was a common way of death for samurai. This could be voluntary or obligatory. Some cases have even been reported in the recent past.(Yukio Mishima, bus driver)

Many aspects of Bushido are still practiced today. Parts of the code are used in sumo wrestling as well as martial arts.


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