Stress .....

What is stress?

(D'Arcy Lyness, 2015)

What causes stress?

(Jeanne Segal, 2016)

how can stress effect on your body?

THE EFFECTS OF stress on the body:


2.Can’t Sleep

3.High Blood Pressure

4.Pounding Heart

5.Heart Attack

6.Not in the Mood

(Staff, 2016) (Managing Stress - Brainsmart - BBC, 2010)

the types of stress?

Types of stress

1.Acute stress

2.Episodic stress

3.Chronic stress

(Sarah Mae Sincero , 2012) (McGonigal, 2013)

Can we get rid of stress?

( Lawrence Robinson, 2016) (mitchell moffit, 2013 )

How To Manage Your Stress?

( H. Miller, PhD, and Alma Dell Smith, PhD., 2016)

The quiz

(Are you test stressed?, n.d.)


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