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Brett Neville has been hired in the Broker Channel to lead Broker Channel Sales in Colorado.

A note about Brett from Market Director, Michael Stachowiak

I am excited that Brett has joined the Aflac family. I know that Brett will expand greatly upon the excellent work of Jamie Ketchum in our Broker Channel. Already I see Brett & Jamie working together with our field force on shared brokers to develop multi-million dollar 2017 strategies for new case sales. Although I have spent limited time with Brett he is know in our marketplace as a true professional & an extremely diligent & hard worker, something I respect greatly. I am impressed by Brett's relationships & industry knowledge. I am looking forward to being a true partner with Brett as he leads our Broker Channel sales growth for years to come. Brett reports to Rick Wolfe, Central US RVP in the Broker Channel, even still we are aligned in our desire to work together, to truly partner and to build! Brett is an excellent addition to the Aflac family.

A note about Brett from Group Rep, Jamie Ketchum.

The Peak Performers have just finished a Q1 to be proud of, and we have the momentum for a record breaking year. We have a new addition to the team, Brett NeVille, that is going to help us stretch that momentum even further. Brett has the industry knowledge and relationships in Colorado to help us take not only Aflac Broker, but our Market to the next level. With the continued partnership growth between the two channels, we will OWN IT as one team.


Brett NeVille, CLU, ChFC, RHU is the AFLAC Broker Channel Sales Manager in Denver for the Central Region. Brett grew up in a small rural farm community in Idaho, the oldest of six kids.


By the time I was 16 I knew I didn’t want to be a farmer…I was allergic to everything! So I set my sights on College and paid my own way doing janitorial work…the first in the family to graduate with a college degree! In college, one of my professors turned me on to financial planning and insurance…which go hand-in-hand. He told me I could help people and make a good living doing it. I decided to go to work for an insurance company right out of college as a Broker Rep selling disability insurance. Now 30 years later, I have seen how insurance benefits help people when they are in a tough spot and I like that about our business! I am a good listener and strive to create a positive outcome for each of the stakeholders. I also believe that employees are more comfortable accessing financial solutions thru the workplace…which is why employer sponsored benefits are booming! When I am not working on a proposal or helping a broker, I like to spend time with my wife Jen, my four daughters and three grandkids. If you ask me about my favorite hobby, I will tell you it is “Adventure” motorcycle riding. Where I will pack up the bike with camping gear and disappear into the mountains to explore old dirt roads and trails in the beautiful and remote areas of the Rockies with my riding buddies.

Connect with Brett on LinkedIn by following the below link.

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