iPads at school Maripaz Saborio and segundo molina

In 2012 Lincoln school decided to give iPads to all of their students, the idea of this was to facilitate them doing homeworks, taking notes, and for teachers to communicate with them easier. Now a days students don't use their iPads in class for what they are supposed to. Many of them use their iPads to check facebook, netflix, Instagram, games or snapchat.

Physics A class: as students were supposed to be doing a formative assessment, they were using facebook instead of working.
Physics A Class Group: there is only one out of four members of the group working. From this angle you can see Felipe using facebook.
Felipe scrolling through facebook instead of working.
Here you can clearly see that Felipe is using facebook on its IPad.
Chemistry B class: it seems like students on the right side are working but on the left side students are talking and watching Netflix.
Camila in Chemisty B class: the students is choosing what move to watch instead of working working on her homework.
Focuses more on its iPad

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