Emma Sanchez BIM 1 Period 1

January 4

How was your break and what did you do?

My break was interesting because i really didn't do anything I just stayed at home. We celebrated my cousin and my dad birthday she turned 17 & 46. They where both born on the same day, they really don't get along so we celebrate it in different dates.

January 6

What is the most trouble you have ever given your parents? What is the most enjoyment you have ever given them?

The most trouble I have given my parents was reversing a car when i was 4 and they could not find me and the reason for that was that I was under the passengers seat. The most enjoyment i have given my parents was that i started school and they didn't have to deal with me for 6 hours when I started Pre-Kinder . I always give my parents a hard time when they have to deal with me and my brothers every day for the rest of their lives.

January 11

What dream can you conceive? Can you believe it? Can you achieve it?

I could conceive that I would become a cosmetologist. I can believe because that was a dream that I was to achieve for a long time and I would like to accomplish a dream I have so i know that some dreams do come truth when you work hard. I can achieve it by working hard and follow my dreams also I can achieve this by not given up on something that I know I want to become in life.

January 13

We have a three day weekend, what are your plans?

My plans for the three day weekend is to stay up late so i could sleep and wake up around 2 p.m. because their nothing good to do at home. Well tomorrow i have to do chores and that takes a long time because it not fun doing everybody's laundry. Also we are going to a party with my uncle to celebrate a birthday.

January 18

How do you decide if you like someone? How do you show interest in them?

The way I decide if I like someone if they have a good personality and a good scene of homer. I show interest is by having full conversations about interesting things. By showing that you do care about them and show interest in them.

January 20

Have you ever "passed on a kindness"

Yes I have "passed on a kindness" when I was little we gave clothing to the people who where not in jobs to afford anything. We also gave them food because they look so skinny that we had to help them out. We did this because we had food and the food fell and they help us pick it up.

January 25

Who is your biggest fan?

My biggest fan may be my 10 year old girl cousin because she thinks that I an a role model for her. Every time I or her come to each others houses she wants to come with me or she wants me to say with her at their house. Shes my biggest fan because her mom wants her to act a little like me and she wants to hangout more with me at my house because its more interesting in my house than at hers.

January 27

What do you love most about yourself? What do others love about you?

What I love about my self is my hair because I like the way it is when i dye my hair and the end of my tips it stays that color till I dye it again. I also like my hair because it has its own way to style it its always parted in the middle till i change it. My friends say they like my hair too because its straight from the top and wavy from the bottom.

January 30

Which of your senses is the most important to you? What would you do without it?

My most important sense is my vision because you are able to see your surroundings. Also you would be able to identify and specific item. I don't know that I would be able to do without my vision.

February 1

How do you see yourself? How do you think others see you?

I see my self that I am an smart person and not everything is about school work. My friends see me as a fun person because I make them laugh. They also think that I have a good personality and that I'm fun to hang out with.

February 3/ Absent

February 6

How were you taught to tell the truth?

I was taught to tell the truth by looking them straight at their eyes. So they know that I am not making things up. The way I was taught to tell the truth by telling me if I don't tell them the truth that they will find out by someone else and they don't like that.

February 8

Have your parents ever practiced "long division" on you and your friends?

When ever when I was in 5 grade i was in Kyle and we were starting to move back to San Marcos. So my parents said that it was going to be "long division" because i was not going to be able to see my friends anymore. They said that it was going to be a long time when I see them again.

February 10

When has a friend opened up a whole new world for you?

When every a friend opened a new world to me was in 8th grade and till now. She has opened a new world to be in she also helps me out. By opening a new world to me means that they she has been their for a long time.

February 13

What is the most important advise you have ever received?

The most important advise was that do good in school so you don't have to work 7 days a week at a fast food restaurant. This is an important advise because you could work 5 days a week instead of 7 days for a long time. Also because if you don't do good at school and accomplish your dream you wont be able to work in a place you want to work at.

February 15

What was the stupidest thing you have ever done? Did someone persuade you to do it?

The stupidest thing was when I pretended to drive a car. I was about 6 and then I pulled the panel and put it in reverse. That was the stupidest thing i did because I hit the mailbox from my front door neighbor.

February 17

Any topic of choice/ Family

The most important thing is my family because they are always their for me when I need them. Their is times that I really don't get along with them because they get me frustrated. Also their is times that is fun hanging out with them because when they are birthdays and we are cutting the care. We say "you either take the good way or the bad way" because they have to get the icing in their faces.

February 22

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

I wish I knew that not all friendships last forever because they turn on you. Now I know that you have to meet new people and not just stick with one friend while you could have more friends. I would not have the friends I have now if I didn't make new friends.


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