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Our Story

Before we were Edesia, we were just a couple of college students with a love for food trucks. We found a huge problem in the community it was nearly impossible to find them. So we decided to get together and build an app that tracks, reviews and books food trucks. We discovered the demand and potential of our idea and decide to bring our app to everyone and everywhere.

The App

Edesia is a mobile platform that allows users to discover and track mobile food vendors. From the customer standpoint, Edesia will make it easier and more efficient for customers to track their favorite food trucks. Through our mobile and web platform, food trucks can manage interaction and gain immediate feedback from their customers.



  • Allows food vendors to share their exact location to their customers in real-time.
  • Users will have the ability to track their favorite food vendor and receive direct notifications on where their favorite food truck is located.
  • Users can submit a survey regarding their experience at a specific food vendor and provide insights and feedback to other users.


  • Allows users (event planners, venue hosts, etc) to reserve a food truck to cater their event.
  • Choose from over 40 Food Trucks in the Memphis Region
  • Schedule what food trucks you want on which day with our truck planner.

Mobile Ordering

  • Users can skip the wait in line outside of the food truck in their own cozy and comfortable environment.
  • Users that are students or business professionals will be able to utilize all of their break time enjoying their food truck meal instead of wasting it waiting in line. The user's phone will do the waiting for them.
  • User will be notified via text message when their specific order is completed.


  • Food truck users are able to post "Announcements" from the Edesia platform to notify users of any notices, updates, or offers to their customers.
  • Users that "Track" a food truck will receive these "Announcements" as push notifications directly to their phone (if enabled).
  • Food truck users also have the option of sharing their "Announcement" onto any social media platform they utilize.


  • Food truck users can access a map-view from their dashboard, displaying new and available locations to set up their business.
  • Private property owners will be able to open lots of their property for food trucks to lease out, displaying them on our "Placements" map-view.
  • Private property owners set an hourly rate for foot trucks to book the lease.

Our Partners

Over the past few months, we have been developing relationships with several local food trucks and businesses. We are currently partnered with the Memphis Food Truckers Alliance. We will be expanding our partnerships across multiple cities including Nashville, Austin, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Get in touch

We look forward to hearing from you. For all inquiries, contact us at:



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