OUHSD Visit to Escondido Blended Learning in Action

Influx of charters that they were losing students to. Wanted to offer more flexibility in options for students that struggle in a traditional school setting. High schools created learning centers 8 years ago to help address this issue.

3 Models of Blended Learning

  1. True Independent- All at home, meet 1x a week for 1 hr., 20 hours of work at home. 6 classes, every 3 weeks, 1 class at a time.
  2. Blended/Credit Recovery- Gives up 2 classes for 2-hour block. Students that are behind in credits, going back and making up, or DB to graduate early.
  3. 0, 7, 8th Period Credit Recovery- 0 period daily, 7 & 8 two days/week. (waiting list)
Learning Center at Orange Glen High School

Growing Pains

District wanted to get teacher buy-in so they allowed teachers to supplement the course materials. Teachers made courses so difficult they made the courses undesirable. They didn't want to the students to select the blended learning option over their traditional brick-and-mortar classes. Recommended to go with the pre-made online program. Edgenuity for core and Plato for electives.

Learning Centers


  • Assigned Admin
  • Teacher lead/coordinator
  • 2 full time
  • Part time teachers covering gaps, 0, 7, 8


  • Flexible seating
  • 30-35 Desktop computers
  • 20-25 Laptops available for check out
  • Space for meetings
  • Space for labs
  • Teacher stations


Counselors need to be involved in identifying and placement of students and progress monitoring. All counselors should be involved.

OUHSD Online Learning


  • Time cards
  • Saturday scholars
  • School-wide screening/universal screening
  • Monthly district-wide meetings
  • Progress check forms (regular screening)
  • Anyone can refer a student
  • Ever since the Learning Center, grad rates never been so high


Jay & James

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