The Harn Museum of Art

This beautiful sculpture of bronze with patina and glass, II-06-94, by Nancy Graves is an awe inspiring piece of art that brings together a variety of meanings. The horseshoe crab offers a glimpse of the origins of life on earth and fragments of human bone and teeth are paradoxically juxtaposed with bright colors and whimsical stars and musical notes. Seeing this in person provided a sense of understanding and admiration unattainable from looking at a computer image of the same object.
As seen in the introduction image and the picture directly above, the museum is an art unto itself. The abundance of space, spatial arrangements, and lighting are all highlights of museum design. In the Asian Artwork exhibit especially (the exhibit shown above) this is evident. The giant authentic Japanese glazed stoneware resting on the ground backed by the beautiful garden seen through the windows from which natural lighting emits is a scene of grandeur and allows the visitor to wholly appreciate the artwork in the exhibit.
The photograph, Dream Police (the photograph on top) by Jackie Nickerson evoked emotions of respect, sorrow, and pity in me. This poverty stricken young woman in Zimbabwe exudes dignity and pride despite her undesirable position. This photograph helps me better understand that dignity is a trait unaffected by wealth or position.
This sculpture of buddha from the 4th-5th century from the Gandhara region helped me reflect on the story of Siddhartha and his search for enlightenment. The peaceful, meditative, and reflective personage depicted in the sculpture helps me realize that the good life isn't found in a certain place or in piles of money but rather within ourselves.
Created By
Jensen Rice


photos by Kevin McBride

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