Sit-In's By: Jack Dubow

A sit-in requires planning and the knowledge that most of the time you are breaking a law. A sit-in is a very reliable and feisable way of peaceful protest. A peaceful protest allows you to show your stance on issues that you oppose without hurting or harming a human life.

Students at Brandeis University protest the diversity on campus.
During the civil rights movement the protestors of segregation, had a lot of lunch counter sit-ins, like the example above.
Sit-In lead by Congreeman John Lewis in June 2016.

After the Orlando nightclub shooting, the Democrats have had enough of the Republicans blocking their gun control reforms. The Democrats have been the minority party since the midterms of 2010. Which have blocked all of their request for gun control measures. To resolve and bring attention to their issue, they preformed a sit-in on the U.S. House Floor in the Capitol. It was covered by almost every major news outlet in the U.S. It brought attention to their cause and brought the country closer to the end of retail selling of assault weapons. The problem is with the new incumbent president and all three branches of the government being controlled by the Republican Party we are going backwards to where people on the "No Fly List" can still buy an assault weapon.

U.S. House of Represenitives Democrats protesting for gun control reforms. After this picture was taken the Leading House Members of the Democratic Party will lead a sit-in to protest gun control.
The President of the NAACP host a sit-in at Senator Jeff Session's office in Mobile, Alabama, protesting against his nominee for attorney General of the United States of America.
Citizens in North Carolina host one of the many sit-ins protesting the North Carolina bathroom laws, that do not allow trans-gender citizens to use a public bathroom with the gender they associate with.

There are many ways that you can protest the law. If you don't feel like your government is voicing their voices before yours you are aloud, under the Constitution of the United States of America, to protest it. In North Carolina, the Republican run government created and executed a law that did not allow trans-gender people to use the public bathroom with the gender they associate with. For 50% of the state, they didn't really care, they just went along for the ride, but for the other 50% they used their constitutional right to protest, and let their voices be heard.

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