Mr. Top Person Bad Day By: Jack Scoville

One day in the forest lived Mr. Top Person

He was an old grump who hated Shop Person

Shop Person was a city of Shops and he hated shops

More than how much he hated people doing the flop

He visit the city to get something to drink

But a kid came and sprayed him the color pink

Mr. Top Person hated pink and then he screamed

He realized the police are coming so he beamed

So he went to visit his mom

but then the kid came back and threw a bomb

Mr. Top Person blew up and landed in another country

He landed up on a boxer and the boxer did punchy

He came back to his house with a black eye

He just felt like he´s going to cry

He had a rough day and wanted to rest

But the kid did not even release the best of the best

The next day Mr. Top Person woke up with a cat

Then the cat came and scratched him and stole his hat

He new the kid did that so he went to the city

He saw the kid and his cay nammed Hissy

The old man walked up to the kid and begged him to be nice

so the kid offered him some rice

When Mr. Top Person took a bite he taste something rare

and it turned out to be the cats hair


Created with images by Jim, the Photographer - "Northeast View from Philadelphia's City Hall Tower"

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