William Shakespeare Essay By: Cyrus Soribello

Shakespeare, who was an English poet, playwright and actor, has proven his significance in the world through his stories, plays and characters. Shakespeare's understanding of life and human emotions has made a great impact and contribution to theater arts, English, writing and literature world wide and has inspired many authors and playwrights to strive in their profession. Shakespeare has changed the world and English literature single handedly in numerous ways, and had a very interesting past life.

Shakespeare's influence

Because of Shakespeare's work, he has added many words to our modern language, which have become apart of our everyday language, and had contributed to the world as a whole.

Quote 1:"Shakespeare's characters, language, and stories are a source of inspiration, quotation, and imitation. Many words and phrases that first appeared in his plays and poems have become part of our everyday speech."

Commentary:Shakespeare has changed the way modern authors, writers, etc write their stories or poems, and has inspired many to become like him. He has also added so much to our English vocabulary, adding more diversity into how people write their poems and or stories. As you can see this quote shows significance as to how Shakespeare's work has become apart of our everyday speech. Shakespeare has changed modern culture so much that he has become so popular to an extent that people can recognize his work, without knowing any

Quote 2:"Shakespeare has so saturated modern culture that many people who have never read a line of his work or seen one of his plays performed can identify lines and passages as his."

Commentary:Shakespeare influenced modern culture so much that people will know automatically that it is of his work if they had read a line. This really shows how prominent Shakespeare is to our modern culture, 400 years prior his death.Shakespeare's plays were so great that it attracted very large audiences from cities and towns. They were so good and influencing that they have been played world wide.

Quote 3:"Shakespeare’s plays have attracted large audiences in big, sophisticated cities and in small, rural towns. His works have been performed on the frontiers of Australia and New Zealand."

Commentary:This really shows how good Shakespeare's stories and plays were and to see how influential he has become just from making these plays, you can see how much he has changed modern culture as a whole today. It also shows how much of importance he is to authors, seeing as authors still used his work, and adapt to that work to make their own.Very deep well thought out people are depicted in Shakespeare's plays. The types of people included are rouges, aristocrats, wives, teachers, soldiers, etc. The well known people of the characters are very influential and show how much depth is actually put into his work.

Quote 4:" A remarkable group of vivid characters populate his plays. They include rogues and aristocrats, housewives and stuffy teachers, soldiers and generals, shepherds and philosophers. The most successful of these characters create an impression of psychological depth never before seen in English literature."

Commentary:The quote shows how Shakespeare put a lot of thought and depth into his characters, and how these characters really impact people, whether it is from emotions to tragedies. This quote also shows how he makes his characters very 'live' in a sense that they are changing and building upon one another through the way Shakespeare is writing his plots etc. During 1582 Shakespeare desired to marry a young girl named Anne.

Quote 5:"Recordings in the Episcopal register at Worcester on the dates of November 27 and 28, 1582, reveal that Shakespeare desired to marry a young girl named Anne."

Commentary:This quote shows who Shakespeare desired to marry and his past life while as an Actor/Playwright, showing what drove him to make poems. It also who the important people in Shakespeare's life were.Shakespeare's family always had a good and respected name depicted upon them.

Quote 6:"During Shakespeare’s infancy, his father was one of the town’s leading citizens. In 1557, John Shakespeare had become a member of the town council and subsequently held such offices as constable, affeeror, and chamberlain; in 1568, he became bailiff (mayor) and justice of the peace."

Commentary:This quote is important because it shows how wealthy Shakespeare's family was before he was a playwright or actor. It also shows how their family had been making an impact on people since they have been alive, and how he was born into a well respected, important family. Shakespeare is known for his creative writing aspect and how he gave life to his stories on stage and the meaning they had to them.

Quote 7:"The life in drama indicated by the subtitle really means not Shakespeare’s life as a creative writer but rather the life of his dramas on stage and their potential for creating meaningful experiences for their audiences."

Commentary:The quote shows how Shakespeare's plays gave life to the stage created many emotions and experiences for the audience. The quote also shows why Shakespeare is considered to be one of the greatest writers and playwrights in English History. Shakespeare has made many contributions to theater as a whole.

Brief Lifetime and Legacy

Shakespeare has made many contributions to theater as a whole. Quote 8:"Today, there are theaters in many nations dedicated to staging Shakespeare’s works."

Commentary:This quote shows the significance of Shakespeare's work, considering that there are still theaters in many nations dedicated to only Shakespeare's work. The quote also shows how the model of his writing is still up to date with modern writing, and how advanced he was in literature when he was alive, showing human emotions and tragedy only through lines and verses. When Shakespeare was still alive, English did not see play-writing as a highly respected job so people cared very little about the writers.

Quote 9:"During Shakespeare’s time, the English cared little about keeping biographical information unrelated to affairs of the church or state. In addition, play-writing was not a highly regarded occupation, and so people saw little point in recording the lives of mere dramatists."

Commentary:The quote shows how during Shakespeare's life, play-writing was not highly looked up upon or regarded in general, so people saw little point in keeping track of the lives of dramatists, although Shakespeare's plays had something different to them, which made people look up upon them. The quote also shows how popular Shakespeare's work was, even during his time as a Actor and playwright. Ever since Shakespeare has been writing his plays, the English people have come to a sense of enlightenment for a brief period of time.

Quote 10:"It was once common to claim that in the late 1500’s, when Shakespeare first began to write his plays, the English people were experiencing a period of great optimism and patriotism."

Commentary:This quote shows how much Shakespeare contributed to theater as a whole, whether is be from his depiction of his dramas or poems as a playwright, his work is still very recognized today. It also shows how he is truly one of the greatest, most influential playwrights and actors to have ever stepped on the stage.

Conclusion:As you can see, Shakespeare has proven his significance in the world through his plays, dramas, and writings, as well as his contribution to the English language and theater as a whole. It is made very obvious that Shakespeare has made a huge impact on the world as a whole. Shakespeare will always be apart of our lives through his work and writings and will offer inspiration to future authors, playwrights and actors.


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