St Mary’s College Newsletter Issue 3, 2020

From the Principal: Carol Bell

Easter Reflection

This year, as we pause from our regular schedules and routines to slow the spread of COVID 19, we have an opportunity to allow Jesus’ example to bring us peace in the midst of crisis.

Looking back on my childhood, it seemed Easter would almost sneak up on our family. There would be a quick trip to the shops to get Easter outfits, dye eggs and choose our big chocolate egg but there wasn’t much else we did to prepare. Before we knew it Holy Week was upon us and off we went to Church.

As an adult I discovered that throughout history there was a recognised need to help Christians prepare their hearts for Easter. Observing the 40 days before Easter has become a meaningful part of my spiritual life. In this time of slowing down as we approach Easter we have some space to reflect on the last days of Jesus’ life and draw solace from his suffering in these uncertain times.

Easter ultimately reminds us that because of Jesus, we have an eternal, secure home in heaven where there is no suffering, no more pain, and no more death. That no matter what challenges we face because of the unconditional love of Jesus we have the ability to seek forgiveness, renew, start again and ultimately create and embrace the love, hope and optimism in our world.

Please find below a link to some prayers you might like to reflect on this coming Holy Week.

Our local parish community is also adapting to the times and both regular Sunday mass and the liturgies of Holy Week are accessible live on the Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral Facebook page.

COVID 19- Update

As you are all aware the situation with COVID 19 is a rapidly evolving one. Our current remote teaching plan was designed with the short-term focus of finishing this term well. It is likely that we will continue with our current model into Term 2. I will write to all families in the final week of the school holidays to give you more details of what this will look like. As we all know a lot can happen in 3 weeks so we are keen to see where we are at as a community before we confirm our plans.

I do what to take this opportunity to thank all our staff for their hard work in transitioning so well to online learning. While we have been engaged with digital platforms for some time across the College it is very different to go from using these tools to compliment face to face teaching to teaching completely through our online platforms. It has been a steep learning curve for many, add in working from home and balancing family with work and I have been truly inspired, amazed and humbled by our hardworking team here at St Mary’s College. I am very proud of just how well our teachers have adapted to our changing landscape. Well done one and all.

I also want to thank you our parents for all your support at this time. Your patience, feedback, beautiful messages of support, gratitude and thanks while we get our heads around this new environment have been very much appreciated. As a College regardless of what next term brings we remain committed to delivering the best educational experience we can for your children.


In this time where our children are spending more and more time online it is really important that we are vigilant and educating our children about being e-safe. The federal government have created a new website on e-safety at esafety.gov.au

There are specific sections that address all age groups, tackle all the big issues, offer skills and advice, quizzes and interactions and an online safety guide. I strongly encourage all parents regardless of the age of your children to take the time to have a look at the site.

We have also asked our teachers to implement protocols when engaging with students that are in keeping with the St Mary’s College Code of Conduct.


While many of our students stayed home to engage in their online learning over the last two weeks. We were still open to those who couldn’t.

ONLINE Learning from Home

Here are a few photos parents have shared with us of their online learning experience at home.



At St Mary’s College we have 36 Boarding students who live at Broome Residential College. With the current crisis most of our Boarders headed home to communities and stations in the last two weeks. Miss Tracey, our Community Transition Officer has been kept busy keeping up with all their news since they went home. Yesterday she caught up with Year 11 student Trenton Peters and his Nana Eileen from Warmun.

Treston has been working on his home school pack and is looking forward to receiving his latest art canvas in the post so he can paint with his Nanna. Treston has also been involved in helping to build a bough shed with his community so the elderly members of the community can go out bush during this difficult time.


Here are a selection of work from Year 10 Visual Art students. Students have taken up the challenge of creating art at home and are creating art using the materials they have at home, digital tools, pencils and paint materials. Great job everyone.

Matilda Allen

Nekomi Roe

Pounamu Brien

Our New Performing arts building

In other news we had a very exciting development this week on the Secondary Campus with the New Performing Arts Building officially being handed over to the College. Ms Vicki, Ms Alida and Ms Tania have already begun moving in and making plans for performances once our current situation returns to normal. Here is a little preview of this amazing space.


Staying Safe In the Holidays