Above the Clouds High up on the mountains of the french alps

Isere, or more specifically, Allevard in the French Alps. Christmas day 2018, the clouds settled at about 1000 metres, the peaks of the surrounding mountains looking West and East poked above the white mass of fluff.

The ski resort at Allevard was open, the temperature about -1c but, from the previous days warm temperatures, the slopes were pretty much packed ice.

The altitude these photos were taken at was about 1750 metres. It was about 14.00 on 25th December and the sun was coming down to the West. The shots are all taken between 19mm and 55mm on Canon equipment.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas 2018 and have a very good and healthy 2019.

Thank you for reading and looking at the most gorgeous place on earth, The French Alps. Regards Allan.

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