Amazing Spider Man And his Amazing Attire By Joshua LInton

Steve ditko created this spider man in 1962. It was the first one in a comic book. This costume has a red,blue and black colourway. He has a wing like webbing under his arms.
THis is the 1966 classic spiderman. It had the same colour scheme but as you can see the underarm webbing was fading away and eventually disappeared from spider-man's costume in the picture on the left.
In 1984 the symbiote spiderman was introduced. The main colours of this costume are black and white. This costume does not have the spider crest though it has the venom one.
John Mcfarlane came back to the 1966 Spider-man design for his costume re creation. He brought back the underarm webs and curve at the edge of his eye.
This is the 1996 spectacular spider-man. On this costume there are red portions all over the costume where there is not blue. The spider symbol is back in the center of the costume and reaches all the way to his back. On the wrists of spider-man there are web shooters.
IN 2000 the spectacular spider man was introduced to the scene. This spiderman even got his own video game. By this time the underarm webbing had completely disappeared and the main blue colour has lightened up.
This costume was the first in to appear in a live action cinematic movie. It was used from 2000-2004. It has a red, blue and black colorway. The web-shooters are not visible on the costume but there was a web like design all over the costume.
Here is the same costume used for the spider-man movies in 2000 and 2004 but this is the first time the symbiote costume was used in a live action movie. It has a black colorway all the way and the same web like design.
These are the costumes from the 2012 and 2014 Amazing Spider-Man movie. They are very similar they just have minor changes in things like the wrist of the costume and the shade of blue which is lighter in the second movie.
This is the most recent spider-man who is yet to have his own movie but he did appear in Captain America Civil War. There are a few things different with this costume. It has black lines on the arms and legs, the spider symbol in the center of the costume is smaller and the eyes got smaller. It also is more technological. The eyes on the costume dilate and enlarge.
For the last costume of the day it is every single costume in spider-man so far. It is a thing called the spider-verse which has every single spider man. from a ham, to a retro spider-man with a gun. Every type of costume or design you can think of there is probably a character in the spider-verse with it.

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