African American Civil Rights Movement

In the history of the United States there have been many social changes that have occurred that have impacted African Americans lives. The African American Civil Rights Movement was one of the most significant and important movements for the equality of African American people because it changed American history and the lives of the American people. Discrimination of African Americans in the United States have been going on for centuries, but the movements roots began in 1831 when Nat Turner and other slaves rebelled against slave owners. Many important events involving discrimination against African Americans preceded the era known as the Black Rights Movement. For example, in the early 1900s, there were laws known as Black Codes that forced Blacks and Whites to be segregated in neighborhoods, parks, bathrooms, and schools. Although the law was said to be “separate but not equal”, certainly was not. Leaders, such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, helped launch a resistance against these discriminating laws. As the result of the Leadership of Martin Luther King, the African American Movement was able eliminate the laws that segregated them in society. The African American Movement was important to U.S. history, establishing that discrimination of Blacks was unjust and would no longer be tolerated in this country. As a result of the movement today, discriminatory laws, such as unequal separation of blacks and whites, have ended. Today, African Americans live in the United States free from any discrimination.

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