Second Star To The Right Finding the magic in southern california

Located in a store adjacent to Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln sits the bench where Walt imagined building Disneyland in a much simpler time.

In 1955, Disneyland park opened with 18 total attractions. Where California Adventure is now once stood a closer parking lot for the people visiting Disneyland, as my grandfather loves so much to remind me. Now, Disneyland park itself has 51 attractions scattered throughout its lands. This does not include the 31 attractions listed on Disneyland Resort's website under California Adventure.

The view looking out from the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln ride on Main Street in Disneyland

That's not the only change. According to Business Insider, when the park opened, admission was $1 for a day pass to one park. Now, getting into just Disneyland, not a park-hopper ticket, is $99 for a day. This clearly hasn't hurt business, since Business Insider also said that as of 2014, 700 million people had been guests at Disneyland Resort. 700 million. Because Disneyland is pricey and it's not realistic for everyone to come back (at least for a while), people want to remember it. This has caused the sale of over 84 million Mickey ears, making it the most popular souvenir in park history.

Apparently I also fell prey to the consumerism, but my brother and I look so cheery, am I right?

Disneyland reminds their guests why they vacation there instead of say, Hawaii, with experiences they can't find anywhere else. Attractions like World of Color in California Adventure, a water show in which lights dance off of the reflection to portray classic Disney movies, and the renewed Electrical Parade satisfy the children in all of us.


Photos taken by me

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