Growing Up Joules By Elizabeth Rosenthal

Dogs are always referred to as a man's best friend. They are always there to snuggle with you on a cold December's day or when you are feeling sad. They are not only great companions but also great motivators that help you to move around and get exercise because they don't ever stop moving.

Joules posing for a picture in the grass

My oldest sister, Mikayla, decided to get a dog. She got a mixture of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, also known as an Aussiedoodle. She is six months old and is named Joules. J-O-U-L-E-S is a unit of energy, and this name fits my sister's dog perfectly. She is full of energy and runs nonstop around the house, creating havoc.

Joules during her first bath

On the day Mikayla brought Joules home, she was a very shy and timid puppy, but that changed once we gave her the first bath. After the bath, she felt new and clean and showed us her personality and showed us what having a puppy is really like.

Joules is very curious and does not understand personal space. Here she is sitting on my dad’s shoulder watching what someone is doing behind him, ready to move if needed.

Joules playing with her favorite toy, Mr. Llama

When Joules is being good and is not spying on us or watching what we are doing, she is playing with one of the many toys she has. She loves to play fetch, and her favorite thing to do while playing fetch is to slowly walk up to the toy, stop and stare at it, and then pounce on it before sprinting back to you.

Joules trying to climb on the table

For the most part, Joules is a good puppy. She usually naps or plays with her toys, but occasionally she will get herself into a little trouble. Her favorite thing is to climb on the table when we are eating or try to climb into our laps so she can have some human food.

Joules loves being outside more than anything. If we would let her, she would spend hours outside running around. Her favorite thing outside is the snow. She loves plunging her nose into it, and she loves when you throw snow into the air because she tries to catch and eat it.

Joules "playing" with Santa hats

Joules can be a stinker and can get into things that she shouldn't, but because she is a cute puppy, we sometimes let it slide and take pictures of her. Around Christmas time, she loved to chew on the poms on Santa hats. We kept putting the hats on the cabinet, but one day we decided to let her chew on the poms so we could take pictures of her for the Christmas card.

Joules taking a nap after her busy day

Throughout the day, Joules takes a couple of naps to recharge. However, around dinner time, she takes one last nap so that she has enough energy to go on her walk, but let me tell you, you will pay a price if she doesn’t get her walk.

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