Tigers by Pippa

Tigers are the largest cat species of them all. They live in several countries such as: Asia, India, Indonesia, Thailand and more. All the big cats originated from Africa.

Baby tigers

Cubs {baby tigers} are born about three and a half months after their mother has mated and born in litters.

Baby Tigers

Tigers can reach up to 3.3m in length {11 feet} and weigh up to 300kg {660 pounds}. Tigers are carnivals; they eat deer, pig, cow, goats, moose and elephant calves.

A tigers gestation period is 93-112 days. No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes like a persons fingerprint.

Tiger stripes

Some species of tigers are endangered by the cause of habitat loss and being hunted. Unlike other big cats tigers enjoy water and often have swims in lakes and rivers.

A tiger having a swim in water

Tigers are in danger all over the world. They desperately need your help to survive or else they will be extinct.


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