The Color Of Life Bitter sweetness this road

And I'm sorry if on this trip I'm not enough to make my mood happy because I still doubt myself whether I am able to do it, Until I correct myself and improve myself it turns out
Life is full of such symphonic strains of the song to the accompaniment of music
if this life can be changed then i would turned into the wind , can feel and taste but just a shadow , in the end feels fresh and freedoms.
No one Can make you feEl inferior wiThout your consent

I'm just a woman learning how to become a real wife and mother , just when the caterpillars thought the world was over it become a BUTTERFLY

Because Women is a beautiful crown in maintaining her character, and I as a Woman must be able to keep maintaining my crown so that it is always beautiful if I'm past later

Humans can only hope and try so too will I be the same as the others just different nature and attitude.

We are young

Always grateful That actually there are still those who want to sincerely share with each other without asking for compensation

Humans can only hope and try so too will I be the same as the others just different nature and attitude.

Because sincerity is the key to building a real happiness

A woman should be two things , a classy and fabulous
Do something today that's your future self will thank you for
You are one workout away from a good mood
A head full of fears has no space for dreams
A star can't shine without darkness
The best is yet to come

The worst things in life come free to us


You only live once , but if you do it right , ONCE is ENOUGH

Thank you for everything that has been bestowed upon me, Thank you to all who have provided a haven to learn to be a part of life of this little family,

I'll look back on this and smile because it was life and I decided to live it

Forgive me who sometimes make the atmosphere so not pleasing to the heart also sometimes behave improperly without thinking before acting.


The beauty of a woman comes from being spoiled by a man Women are LANDSETS

If you plant dates, you will feel the sweetness of dates If you plant grass, you will feel a stretch of green grass If you make a garbage dump, Then you will age the smell and dirt That woman is a helper's paradise at the end of life

Women's love arises because of male affection

Women's hatred arises because of men's lies

Women's complaints arise because of the coldness of men

Women's happiness arises because of the warmth of men

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Lulu Davey


Lulu Davey

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