THREES For Shad 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

3 on 3 BasKETBALL Tournament

April 22ND - Keene High School

registration 11:00am / games 12:00pm

Come out and support Shadrach Hesa on April 22nd, 2017 at Keene High School in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Registration begins at 11:00am with games beginning at 12:00pm. There will be two divisions for the tournament: Junior High and Under / High School and Older. Cost is $15.00 per player and each team can have a maximum of 4 players.


ABI was co-found by RODERICK GREEN and SCOTT ODOM. They are both amputee athletes who have accomplished many things in the sports world

5 on 5 Basketball Game

6:00pm Keene High School

ABI and company will put on a 5 on 5 game to end the evening. ABI (Amputee Basketball Invigorated) Co-Founder Scott Odom met Shadrach during one of his vistis at Cook's Children's Hospital. Scott immediately wanted to help show Shad that he would be able to do all things after losing his leg. This is a huge reason Scott and Roderick formed ABI. Having hearts for wanting to help and serve other people in need, together they joined forces and created the non-profit organization. Their mission and goal with ABI is to reach people all over the world with a message of hope, while serving and helping other people. ABI puts on charity basketball events where each event is helping someone directly in need with their medical expenses. Along with doing these events, they are out to spread a message of love, hope, and faith. Their mission with ABI is empowering people to develop, strengthen, and promote a relationship with Christ. Roderick and Scott will be the first to tell you that ABI is not about either one of them or anyone involved with ABI, it is all about bringing glory to God and helping other people.

The game begins at 6:00pm at Keene High School. Tickets will be sold in the office of Keene High School or at the door of the event. During the event you will have a chance to win a 55" Flat Screen TV!!! Tickets for the raffle will be sold in the high school office and during the event as well. Concession stands will also be open during the event. Every penny earned during the event will be used to help Shadrach purchase and sports prosthetic leg to help him get back on the court and field as soon as possible.

enter to win a 55" flat screen tv!!!

$$$ Cost $$$

  • To enter the 3 on 3 Tournament the cost is $15.00 per player. Limit 4 players per team.
  • Tickets to watch the 3 on 3 Tournament and 5 on 5 Game vs ABI will be donations at the door.
  • You can also purchase tickets early from the Keene High School office.
  • Raffle Tickets will be on sale for $10.00

get to know shadrach

Shadrach "Boboy" Hesa is a sophomore at Keene High School. He is one amazing young man who is very much loved by his family, community and his Keene Family. During his freshman year he played on the Keene basketball and baseball teams. During summer workouts in 2016 Shad felt a ton of pain in his left knee. After being treated by the trainer and going to see a doctor they still couldn't figure out where the pain was coming from. Finally Shad and his family went to see a specialist. That's when Shad and his family discovered that he had Osteosarcoma Bone Cancer in his leg, and upon further evaluation found that it is also in his lungs. He is currently in the middle of a treatment plan that will take over 29 weeks. Throughout the process, the chemo and the fight, Shadrach has been nothing short of amazing. His strength, joy and faith in the Lord have made this journey a little easier on his friends and family.

"For him to smile, means i can smile" - jimmy hesa (brother)
Shadrach with his second family, the Keene Basketball team. #StayStrongShad

On January 10, 2017, Shadrach underwent surgery to remove his left leg above the knee in an effort to help stop the cancer from spreading. With his parents Jimmy and Nelina Hesa by his side through every moment of this journey, Shad is recovering well. Just a day after the operation Shad was up and moving around the hospital using a walker. Using a walker, crutches or a wheelchair is not how this story is going to end, though. Shad knows he is going to play basketball and baseball again.

"It was hard to accept but just gotta have faith in God and keep moving forward." - shadrach hesa
Shad was an honorary captain at the Mavericks game on February 27, 2017
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