The Fountain Brian Burns

The process: it all begins with a slab of clay and idea. I decided that I was going to make a fountain. So I found materials from around the room and made a quick design.

After planning out my design, I rolled out some clay slabs in the plastic stage.

After planning out my design and rolling out the slabs, I created four bowls. I did this by laying the slabs over a bowl molds. I shaped the bowls and dried them so that they were in a leather hard stage, dry enough to hold their shape. They are now also strong enough to stack and form a fountain!!!

After all of the bowls were done (still in the leather hard stage) I created the "pipe". I did this by rolling out clay slabs, cutting them into long rectangles. I took the two sides of the rectangles and put them together to make a circle like shape. I let these shapes dry into a leather hard stage. An example of one of these pieces is in the middle of the bowl in the picture shown.

I put these inbewtween the bowls to space them out and allow room for the pump to push water to the top without being seen.

In the base of the fountain, i cut out two specific spots. As you can see in the picture, I cut a large portion of where the pipe would begin. I did this so that I could slide the pump into the fountain. I kept the piece I cut out and am going to fire that too. After I place the pump inside the fountain, I will place the piece I cut out back into its original spot and cover it with a waterproof adhesive so it stays in place. I also cut a small rectangle out of the bottom of the bowl. I did so that I can plug in the outlet that runs the pump. I will do the same procedure with this as I did with the other piece I cut out. On the very bottom for the base piece, I cut a semi-circle out so that the wire could easily fit under the fountain and to the outlet. Functionality is key!!!

After designing my base, I took the rest of my parts and assembled them together. It finally looks like a fountain. The parts of the fountain were starting to turn into the green ware stage as apposed to the leather hard stage I wanted them to be in. It was too hard to connect the parts at first. I had to spray the parts with water and let it soak for a little. After a couple minutes, the bowls and pipes were in their proper stage and I was able to slip and score and attach everything together!

After the fountain was completely assembled in the leather hard stage, I began to carve into the bowls of the fountain. The top bowl has two lips on it, this will let the water flow out over the lip very peacefully. I used a needle tool to carve fun designs into the bowl. I used triangles and bubbles to create the designs. It was easiest to carve in the leather hard stage because it was dry enough that my design would go away, but not dry enough that the bowls would not cry when I carved.

This is the pump I will use in my fountain. It is only a couple inches tall. The plastic pipe will go up through the clay pipe after it is fired and glazed. I had to account for the size of the pipe when cutting a hole in the bowls and holes. From leather hard/ green ware to bisc, the clay size shrinks about 12%. I had to account for this when making my fountain. I also had to account for the fact that I will have to put the pump and the wire through the fountain. That is why I cut holes in the base of the fountain that I will reattach wish an adhesive. I also cut small holes in the base of my pipe. The water will be able to flow through these holes into the middle of the pipe and into the pump.

With all these steps compete, I am now ready for my fountain to be fired! I put it in a shelf where it will sit until it can be fired. While sitting on this shelf, the fountain will furn to a green ware stage. After firing, the will be in a bisc stage and I will glaze them. I was thinking about a teal or light blue color for the fountain. The fountain then has to be re-fired and it is done! I will put the pump inside, put the pieces I cut out back on, plug in the pump, and I have a working fountain!!!!

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